Longtime Announcer Believes WWE Is In Contact With Conor McGregor


Legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross believes that the world’s leading pro wrestling promotion will soon be in contact with UFC champion and superstar Conor McGregor, and would be surprised if they weren’t already in talks.

McGregor is clearly the biggest star that the UFC ever produced, and the WWE has a tradition of bringing in actors and athletes into the wrestling ring for Wrestlemania. Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey are just a few names who have made the crossover to pro wrestling.

JR was adamant about McGregor’s inclusion into one of WWE’s biggest yearly events and gave his thoughts on the idea during an interview with Submission Radio:

“Look, I don’t have this concrete information or source telling me all that good stuff, I would be very surprised if the two parties on some level haven’t had some kind of communication. It may be lawyer to lawyer, probably that more than anything, but just to feel out interest. Conor is another global star and Conor will sell wrestling tickets, because for a one-off, for a one-time deal he’ll sell tickets to see how he’s going to do.”

“Different generation, different time,” he said. “The thing about the theory that you mentioned there of Conor coming in and making a big payday and leaving, well, while he’s getting to that payday and at that payday he’s generating revenue for the company, and the talent share in the revenues on the discretionary payroll. So, all Conor is gonna do is cook bigger pies for the wrestlers to get a bigger slice.”

McGregor has in the past shown reverence to WWE President Vince McMahon, and even engaged in a Twitter battle with WWE wrestler Seamus after McGregor made comments regarding the veracity of pro wrestling, or lack thereof.

The UFC lightweight champion has remained rather quiet about his next move following his 10th round TKO loss to Mayweather in his boxing debut in August.

No word yet from Dana White on whether the UFC would allow McGregor to participate in a WWE event, but Rousey was permitted to do so while she was champion, so the possibility is very real.

Would you care to see McGregor in the WWE for Wrestlemania? Or should he just return to the UFC to defend his belt?

  • leonaidis

    It’s were a guy like Conor belongs. He is a drama queen, and the wwe lives of the drama nerds.

    Drama has no place in a proper sport like MMA. Don’t know why these new, ignorant fans need it. The ufc shouldn’t be about who hates each other the most, or who is the best whore and makes the most money. It should be the best fighting the best. And Conor McGregor is far from the best in the ufc.

    • deepgrim

      Apart from sell-ability i dont think he could offer wwe much, apart from on a short term one of show appearances, he is too small to have matches with the bigger wrestlers and wouldnt be able to fly around the ring like the smaller wrestlers- i couldnt see the appeal lasting long and he doesnt have a great natural wrestling ability. Ronda would be completely different in that she has judo and is around the same size of the divas.

      • leonaidis

        But he has his stupid fans, and they will follow Conor to the wwe, some of them will be claiming that the wwe is real now that Conors joined. Or something as ignorant as that. So I do see a future for Conor anywhere he goes, as long as it’s not fighting top guys in the ufc, mediocre, stoner deadbeats he can beat, barely, with two tries, but the best. He wants no part of them.

        If Conor goes to play tennis he’ll still have his Conor fanboys, they don’t care what sport he does, they aren’t fans of a sport. They love and adore Conor. So I think the wwe would make it work just to get those fans. And Conors fans knowledge of fighting is so limited they’d buy what ever he did in the wwe, even if it was just run his mouth. I don’t think it mattered what Conor does next, his fans will buy it, and Conor knows how stupid his fan base is. He and Floyd just made hundreds of millions of dollars of them with a fake spectacle.

        If they bought that shit, they’re stupid enough to pay to see Conor touch butt in the wwe.