Junior Dos Santos Says He Can Defeat The Klitschkos With Four Months of Boxing Training


Former UFC heavyweight champ Junior Dos Santos has an opportunity to truly define his career when he steps into the cage at UFC 166 to face Cain Velasquez in the third and final bout of their epic championship trilogy.

Win, and you’re a legend. Lose, and he may just be unfortunately defined as the second-best heavyweight of his era. That’s no small feat, but it’s definitely something that ‘Cigano’ vehemently wants to avoid.

However, that’s not going to stop him from commenting on the current state of boxing and its heavyweight rulers, the Klitschko brothers, offering up an interesting statement on yesterday’s “The MMA Hour”:

“If they give me four months to get prepared, I can beat him. That’s it. I used to train boxing a lot. In the beginning of my camp, all my camps, I do just boxing you know. I love to train boxing and I think I have enough skills in boxing. I know how to see a good fight in boxing, so four months, that is what I need.”

There’s not much doubt that ‘Cigano’ is the finest boxer in the UFC heavyweight division. He’s put top quality opponents to sleep with relentless efficiency throughout his entire MMA career. But the Klitschko brothers are on another level when it comes to pure boxing.

Dos Santos rarely uses his wrestling or black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, so it’s not unconceivable to think that he could succeed in boxing. But four months of preparation to fight the boxers who have an iron grip on the heavyweight landscape is getting a bit ahead of himself. If he cleans out the UFC’s heaviest division for the next few years, perhaps a move to boxing would be in the cards.

For now, Dos Santos must focus on Velasquez and his vaunted wrestling, which he used to repeatedly take ‘Cigano’ down at UFC 155. In the future, however, he may want to shift his focus to pure pugilism and try his hand at defeating the Klitschkos. What are your thoughts on this prospect? Is Dos Santos displacing his focus in the week leading up to the biggest MMA fight of his career? And if he could somehow find himself booked against one of the Klitschko brothers on a boxing match, would he stand a chance at having his hand raised?

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        • If JDS is serious than this arrogance makes him the James Toney of MMA. He would do as well against Klitchko in the ring as Klitchko would do against him in the octagon.

  • D

    I'm not sure what's dumber…saying Cain "hits like a girl" and "can't take a punch" after destroying him for 5 rounds and rearranging his face…or this.

    JDS is completely delusional. He could train for 5 years, and he would still have zero chance against Klitschko.

    • ^ Comment Approved…..!

    • You're right. One thing I've learned is that if somebody specializes in something – that's all they do – they're usually pretty good at it.

    • I have to admit, lately SOME Brazilian fighters are looking less intelligent. Keep in mind there are SOME less intelligent people in every country.

  • I don't know what's so ridiculous about this statement? The Clinch-ko brothers have to be the best fighters in simply the worst known era of boxing history! The current boxing heavyweight division is as deep as a puddle of pee. These guys aren't even aggressive against seriously weak talent and display a safety first mentality in every fight. Wlad has the chin of a 12 year old girl and his brother is a robot at best. Just on Jr's over all speed, athletism, granite chin and pun hind power I would give strong chance of beating both these guys. Joe Rogan was talking smack on how Jr couldn't match Mark Hunt on striking skills because Hunt was an elite K1 fighter blah blah blah and has an incredible chin as well and Jr disposed of him in spatcular fashion.
    Heads up I think Jr will ko Cain again I this fight. Never underestimate an overtrained fighters fatigue. MMA's training methods are behind those of boxing when it comes to understanding when your fighter has peaked and to tapper off on the training. Watch the Nayweathers prepare for a fight, it's pure science. They know exactly when to slow down the training. Jr didn't have that in his training camp. Unfortunately some camps think training even harder can only be a good thing, but it's clearly not.

    • He's ain't gonna knock nobody out…come down the earth dude…Cain is gonna make him his girlfriend this time.

      • He put cain down like sack of potatoes in the first fight and hes the best heavyweight boxer in mma if you believe that cain is just gonna go in there a take this trilogy bout easily your gonna be suprised to see how much fight junior has in him do you 1-1 you can say both fighters had their bad days i expect to see either one of the best hw fights ever this weekend or a flash knockout for dos santos just my opinion

        • It is 1-1*** lol

        • Yes, he put Cain down in the first… it was a flash knock out but in the second that first bomb Cain landed nearly KO'd JDS as well… for him to say Cain hits like a girl just cause he didnt get finished is B.S. he got BEAT UP….. BAD!!! for 5 rounds… I'll take a flash KO over a 25 min. A-S-S WHOOPIN' any day…!!

          Also everyone keeps talking about JDS KO…. THEY BOTH have nasty KO power! JDS has a really good chin.. he took that 1 bomb Cain landed and managed to recover in time, that doesn't mean Cain doesn't have power or can't knock him out! If JDS sleeps on CAIN's striking ability it's gonna be a long night for him all over again… All this talk doesn't do him any good. If (i should say when) he loses this fight, he'll loose face big time and he won't be fighting for a title for a LONG LONGGGG time!

          • Cain had time to recover but he couldnt jds is a true assassin jds was hit with a less than equivalent punch the way i look at it

          • Actually Cain didn't have time to recover at all.. i still think that was an early stoppage. Flash KO nevertheless so i'm not complaining, just saying….. !

          • Also jds landed behind the ear well thats how it looked whereas cain landed clean on the chin

          • That punch is worse than one on the chin sometimes. Just ask GSP.

          • JNR ds santos looked like an alien or Halloween character after their second fight.

        • Was a lucky punch, if u r a mma fan you should know it…and you see very well the second fight…!

  • Wow this guy is losing all he builded when he was humble…now all that comes out of his mouth is exactly what I have found in my baby's pampers!
    I guess he is really desperate for a big payday…slow down dude…slow down!

    • So Chael speak ill of Brazil ok, Nick Diaz speak ill of GSP ok, but JDS say that thinks he can beat the Klitschkos brothers is lack of humility?????

      • You know what i am talking about…dont be like him! Chael, GSP, JDS are MMA fighters….and The Klitschkos? got it now? so that's just blablabla…and hey Cain is going to send kick his *** again…the first fight was just a fluke, a lucky punch and nothing else!

        • A lucky punch? JDS used the same move in the fight against Nelson, then used 3 times against Hunt, but they have a strong chin and have not been knocked out, so it was not luck, it was technique!

          3rd fight: JDS by KO in the second ronud!

          • Yeah and how was the 2nd fight? he was looking like Popeye at the end…why he did not knocked Cain out again?

          • OVERTRAINING

          • Yeah right! Overtrainning my a…s…s!

  • This just in JDS: "I can beat Marcelo Garcia with two hours of Jiu Jitsu training"

  • Zip

    Both are beasts, let's just enjoy the fight. Let our picks do the talking.

    • +10 Zip, sometimes this place gets all blowed up with immaturity.

    • Exactly its going to be a great fight either way it involves two of the most skilled heavyweights in the history of the sport also the most evolved heavyweights, i believe on of these two men will go down as the best heavyweights ever even though it will be tough to overtake the legacy of fedor who just did spectacular things in his prime against the best fighters that could be put in front of him in his time

  • ian

    imo JDS only has a punchers chance.

  • And after The Klitschkos K.O JDS… I wonder how much crying, and b!tching Junior will be talking on why he lost…Excuse after excuse………..

  • First it was James Tooney saying he could beat an MMA fighter, now its an MMA fighter dabbling in the same stupidity

    • Where do you people come from? What's with this immature attitude? Why can't a fighter from one decipline claim to be able to beat another. That has been the point of every fighting for eons. What's so stupid about what James Toney's comment.?
      Fact is boxer of lesser skills one by the name of Ray Mercer knocked former UFC champion out in their MMA bout. The same Ray Mercer who albeit years later got choked out by an utterly cr@p Kimbo Slice. So what's so shocking if Jr claims he can do the same?

      • Google Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer. Ray was old as dirt and hadn't been boxing for a while when he ko'd the former UFC champ. It's a fight and anytime two people fight someone will lose.

  • Cain is coming for you bigmouth! dammmmn! cant wait to see it…Tremenda paliza te van a dar por baboso!

    • Please disappear or at least change your handle when Jr wins because you have no idea about any fighting sport.

  • He'd spend the first round at the end of a jab, realise HW boxing is an absolute bore, shoot for a takedown in the second, take the DQ and head back to MMA where fighters come to fight.

  • The idea of MMA fighters calling out boxers and vice-versa is stupid and in most cases will never happen. Moving on…..

  • I would actually love to see JDS end this boooooring winning streak of the klitschkos but I doubt he'd be technical enough.

  • I'd love some cross sport boxing matches.

    Still wish Nick Diaz took some boxing matches instead of coming to the UFC.