Josh Barnett talks UFC Deal: I’ve Signed With The UFC, No Heavyweight Is Safe


Josh Barnett will finally make his long awaited UFC return, the news came as music to the ears of most MMA fans. Barnett, widely regarded as the best big man outside of the UFC, is making his return to the UFC after an exodus of 11 years. He was last seen in action against Randy Couture at UFC 36.

Barnett sent out a warning to his new opponents in the UFC via his twitter account:

‘Baby Faced Assassin’ will have plenty of top level talent to face in the biggest MMA organization on the planet, my question is who should be first to welcome him back? I would have liked to have seen Roy Nelson take him on, but with Nelson slated to face Stipe Miocic at UFC 161 I don’t think it will happen.

Maybe a rematch with Daniel Cormier? Or the winner of Werdum vs. Big Nog? Whichever fight Barnett does take, I think he will do well in the UFC, ‘The Warmaster’ is strong, tenacious and has a mean top game. What do you guys think? Stay tuned to Lowkick!


  • DC seemed pretty safe in their first fight.

    • Yeah no kidding, and DC didn't look all that "great" vs. Mir. When he starts beating some top 10 HW's in the UFC, then I'll beleive the top 5 aren't safe. But I'm not overly sure he'll beat Cain, Dos Santos & Hunt etc. Why so many of these fighters who sign with the UFC add even more pressure on themselves by talking ****, no HW is safe, well you best back that **** up Barny, or you're going to look like an *** clown!

  • Josh,
    imo being humble is a prerequisite for someone like you who starts his UFC career from scratch again , specially when you got destroyed in your last fight..
    These current TOP heavyweights are nastier than you think…

  • Josh can probably beat most of the current heavyweights. Cain, JDS, obviously DC and maybe a couple others might give him trouble. But you can never count him out completely, at least for a year or two.

  • "They're all due a lesson in violence… "


  • I think Barnett should fight Mir in his UFC return. He should do well vs guys under the top 5, but I think he will be more of a stepping stone for up and coming fighters.

    Honestly I predict he will be cut in under 2 years.

  • Great! just what we needed a heavyweight version of Chael Sonnen.

    • Comparatively speaking, I think Barnett the better fighter and given that Sonnen's trash talk isn't worth much anymore, Josh is probably even better at that, to.

  • did everyone for get that Barnett BROKE HIS HAND in the first round of the Cormier fight? Barnett will do really in the UFC. a submission artist thats not afraid to strike with a **** load of experience under his belt. a lot of people will underestimate Barnett i believe, but with good reason. his age will play a major factor. Barnett vs Mir first!!! been waiting for that one for almost 6 years!!