Jon Jones Thinks Cain Velasquez Is The Only Super Fight That Makes Sense For Him


Despite a lasting sentiment among many that he lost his UFC 165 bout to Alexander Gustafsson, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has cut a path through a laundry list of the best 205-pound fighters in the world since obtaining the belt in early 2011.

So much so that many have called for Jones to eventually make the move up to heavyweight to face bigger, stronger opponents. “Bones” still has to get past surging No. 1 contender Glover Teixeira at UFC 172 this April, but if he does, he’s not opposed to a move up to heavyweight for some big fights.

And even though UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has recently discussed moving up to 205 pounds in order to face Jones, “The All-American” still has a lot of work to do. Speaking on last night’s “Inside MMA” on AXS TV, Jones clarified his view that there’s only one super fight that makes sense for him right now:

“A lot of people are starting to mention Chris Weidman’s name, and I think in order for it to be a super fight, Chris Weidman needs to get his name a little bit bigger and prove himself against some other world champions. With that being said, I think that Cain Velasquez is the only guy that would actually be considered a super fight.”

Jones has teased a fight with Velasquez before, but that bout is most likely very far off in the future, if it ever happens at all. Velasquez is on the shelf recovering from shoulder surgery while his two nearest challengers Travis Browne and Fabricio Werdum wait to duke it out for the No. 1 contender’s spot at UFC on FOX 11, also in April.

It’s going to take awhile for Velasquez to return and face the winner of that bout, so a super fight with Jones is probably far in the back of the heavyweight champ’s mind.

As for Weidman, the hits won’t stop coming as he’s set to square off with the bulldozing Vitor Belfort at UFC 173 on May 24. If and when he gets by “The Phenom,” he could be matched up with Lyoto Machida provided “The Dragon” defeats Gegard Mousasi at UFC Fight Night 36 next Saturday.

All of the sudden, middleweight has become very dangerous at the top. Given Jones’ relative dominance, the same can hardly be said about light heavyweight.

Do you give “Bones” much of a chance if he finds himself in a fight with the dominant Velasquez?

  • Jon Jones is certainly correct there. Weidman is nowhere near super fight territory. Let's see him get through belfort, jacare, machida, mousasi and whoever else emerges in that time as a contender before we think about that. This was just one hypothetical comment by Weidman in an interview that as always the mma media has pounced on and over emphasized.

    And that being said, Jones might have the best chance of beating Cain as anyone in the UFC. I see him walking into the cage around 230 for that fight which isn't that much of a weight disadvantage. Stylistically, he's perfect for keeping Cain at a distance and avoiding his takedowns and his wrestling is good enough Jones should be able to stuff a few if he does. That's a real interesting match

    • DG1

      His wrestling is better than JDS, but I still don't see him stuffing Cain's takedowns. And Cain showed in the two JDS fights that he isn't at all afraid of getting hit to close the distance with a striker. I doubt Jones would be able to keep him at bay for long.

      • Jones does not hit like JDS , he has diverse striking but in terms of power not even close to JDS , also if Gustaffason could avoid his takedowns and take him down being a striker , I see Cain taking Jones down at will.
        Cain would KO Jones in the first round period.

        • I don't think he'll be able to stuff all the takedowns but I think he'll be able to keep it on his feet long enough to land some strikes. And no, he doesn't hit "like JDS" but that doesn't make him less effective than JDS I don't think. He may not KO Cain but Jones is the best in the world at maintaining distance and Cain will have troubles getting inside. Doesn't mean he won't but what it means is we've got ourselves a fight. I couldn't go against the HW in Cain but it's a good fight.

          This or Barao vs Johnson is the other super fight that's starting to make a lot of sense that no one seems to be interested in.

  • LOL Bahahahahahahah Cain would eat Jones it wouldn't even be a close

    • Ivy

      I'd wait to see how he fares against DC. If Jones can dominate DC he'd likely do the same to Cain, but I doubt he will dominate DC if he ever gets the chance to fight him.

  • fight

    • Well, that's a pretty straight forward reply for a MMA site 8))

  • If Cain was willing to eat a few shots to get in on JDS I really doubt anything Jones throws will stop him from getting in close and rag dolling him. Definitely would want to see him against DC first though, if he can handle DC then yeah he should move up to HW and take on Cain, if he's still champ by then anyway.

    • Fully agree with your comments. JDS hits much harder than Jones will ever dream of… and Cain took the shots….and we all know the rest of the story. I can't see Cain losing to Jones… ever.

    • But Jones' uses his length to stay far enough away the Cain would literally have to bull rush to get close to him. I think he would eventually but it's not the same as JDS was hitting him and staying in that range where as Jones throws Strikes and gets far away keeping his distance. He also throws alot of weird strikes to keep you back.

  • I just hope that the UFC starts delivering the superfights that everyone wants to see..Bones has the size and athleticism to compete at heavyweight so it makes sense.
    Bones has thrown around a lot of guys and made them look silly. Be interesting to see if Cain just walks straight through him.

    • Agreed Enjoy, by the way, I like your profile pic! I'll take the blonde. Im a sucker for a Blondie

      • Haha…..I could see you putting in a 15 hour shift with her…hang on that came out the wrong way…. !

  • Even though i agree with Jones, he absolutely wants NOTHING to do with Cain Velasquez! Cain will tear him apart! As matter of fact he might want to test the waters against D.C., which is another match-up i have Jones losing. He's a "man" for being willing to step up though. I respect that. Still don't like him though, he's still a dickhead with very little substance.

  • I'm curious to see what Jones would look like after letting his body build up without any worries of a weight cut. His brothers give you an idea, but what I'm getting at is Bones could have a strength advantage over Cain. Glover could beat Bones, Browne could beat Cain, this fight might not ever happen.

  • He hopes to fight twice in 2014,really Jon? Guess that Gus really did a number on you bud,there's no way on denying him that rematch if he gets past Manuwa.. props to Cowboy Cerrone for wanting to fight 6 times this year,unlike other prima donnas!

  • No man alive beats Cain Velasquez on a fist fight…..Cain will mop the floor with Jones.

  • say what you want….he's not ducking….and that fight would be phuckin awesome!

  • ye it woluld be fear if jones took a fight with somebody of his own size.
    Jones still has longer reach and they probably walk around the same weight anyway….

  • @fair@

  • The only fight that makes sense for JJ right now is JJ & JDS vs Cain & DC in a World Heavyweight Hardcore Tag Team Championship match with guest referee Rashad Evans.

  • Cain would eat those skinny legs for breakfast.