John Lineker Edges Out Decision Over Marlon Vera In Epic Slugfest


Round 1:

Both men playing things very safe in the opening seconds as we begin the feeling-out process. Vera throws the first strike of the night with a body kick that hits air. A leg kick just misses for Vera. Lineker lands a nice hook to the body but Vera responds with a kick to the body of his own. A high-kick to the head lands for Vera but hits nothing but glove. Lineker blocks another high-kick attempt and responds with a good leg kick.

A stiff jab lands for Vera and Lineker responds with a leg kick, but Vera fires back with a jab and leg kick. Lineker fakes a right hand and lands a beautiful lead hook. Another couple of hooks land for Lineker but Vera maintains his composure. Another huge lead hook lands for Lineker and he follows it up with a right hook to the body.

Lineker comes in on a blitz full of hooks and lands a few, but Vera is able to continue to circle the cage. Vera now pressing forward but Lineker darts at him with a missed superman punch before firing off more wild hooks to back Vera against the cage. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Vera presses the action and just misses a leg kick. A kick to the body lands for Vera but Lineker catches it and lands a few hooks to the head of Vera before he breaks free. Vera comes forward with a high-kick that is blocked but he lands a nice hook and leg kick to follow up. Lineker responds with some hard hooks that are able to land and he is really coming forward on Vera. Vera fires back with an excellent kick to the head before clinching up and throwing knees to Lineker’s head.

Lineker drops levels and goes for a takedown on Vera up agains the cage but it’s stuffed. A hook to the body and head land for Lineker but he eats a body kick afterwards. A hard right hook lands for Lineker and he follows it up with a spinning kick to the body. A few leg kicks from Vera and he follows it up with a jab and missed flying knee. Lineker pressing forward now and lands a few shots on Vera against the cage but Vera breaks free and continues to move.

A kick catches Vera off balance and he falls to the ground. Lineker slowly descends into Vera’s full guard and drops some nasty elbows. More elbows land for Lineker and the round comes to an end with the pair standing and Vera missing a jumping kick.

Round 3:

Vera comes out and pops a jab before circling around. A quick leg kick and high-kick lands for Vera but Lineker comes in with some hard hooks and shoots in for a takedown against the cage again. He backs off from the takedown with a hook and Vera comes forward. A flying knee from Vera misses and Lineker tries to come in with some wild hooks again. Vera kicks too high over Lineker’s head and a takedown attempt ensues against the cage yet again.

It’s stuffed and Vera breaks free. A high-kick lands for Vera and Lineker responds with a hard hook to the body. Vera lands a flush straight put Lineker continues to press forward with shots that don’t do much damage. Another high-kick from Vera and he lands a nice straight before eating a nice hook from Lineker. Vera clinches up Lineker and goes for some knees before being pressed against the fence again. Immediately after they separate era flies in with a knee to Lineker’s chin that lands.

A leg kick lands for Vera and Lineker lands a hook. Vera misses a big flying nee attempt and the fight ends with a spinning back kick to the body landing for Lineker.

Official Result: John Lineker def. Marlon Vera via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)