Joe Rogan: An Average Wrestler Would Knock Floyd Mayweather Out


Joe Rogan is a long time UFC commentator, comedian and genrally opinionated type of guy. The thing is, most of Rogan’s opinions are based on a good amount of knowledge on his part. He is a studied Jiu Jitsu student, has a kickboxing background and has been involved in the sport for a long time now.

Ever since the good old days of watching Rogan argue with hecklers on youtube, or his deep insight in to think tanks, I’ve been a big Joe Rogan fan. Rogan’s latest role will see him ‘Question Everything’ on SyFy, a show starting Wednesday July 24th at 10PM ET.

Rogan recently did a Q+A with Inked Magazine, to discuss MMA and it’s evolution, and had some pretty interesting things to say regarding the age old MMA vs. Boxer debate:

“MMA for sure is more of a realistic contest, more of a realistic test as far as using the body in martial arts competition. Although not considered a martial art, boxing is really a martial art. It’s a very limited martial art as long as you agree to just box. It’s only hands. There are no kicks; there are no takedowns. It’s effective in competition, but in an actual physical fight against someone who’s just a wrestler, you’re going to get killed. “

Now while Boxing is one of my all time favorite sports (in history, because it died after the 80’s), I still agree with what JR says here. It’s a more complete style of fighting than just straight up pugilism.

“Floyd Mayweather would get killed by an average college wrestler. There would be no competition. If you took Floyd Mayweather today and made him fight against your average college wrestler, that college wrestler is going to shoot on him, pick him up, drop him on his head, and knock him out. There’s nothing that Floyd can do about it. He’s going to get knocked out by getting slammed on his head. A judo guy would do the same thing to him. A jujitsu guy would strangle him, no question about it.”

While I completely agree with the above statement, and Randy Couture proved it against James Toney, we are yet to see a clean transition from boxer to MMA fighter. The truth of the matter is; If you could teach a boxer to be able to wrestle and grapple, he would probably be amazing. He could win a fight wherever it went, the only problem is that boxers train three to five times a week, intensely. Their routines become like breathing or smelling, just natural.

It is very hard to break that routine with TDD, or offensive grappling. I would be very interested in seeing, if it ever does happen, a pro boxer coming to the UFC. Not a freakshow like Toney, a complete athlete that is able to make that transition.

Until then, we are limited to imagining Ronda Rousey slamming Mayweather Jr. around like a rag doll.

  • Absolutely, I think he'd get knocked out in MMA by certain strikers. the knees and kicks alone would 2 much for him to adjust to. I think Aldo would beat him by leg kicks. I think Barao could beat him via kicks or knee. wrestlers would demolish him.

    • True but at the same time Floyd will be making around 30 to 50 million bucks while getting killed by this so called average wrestler who will be topping out around 8 stacks(thousand)

      • True story brother, saddens me a bit on their pay, all they want is not struggle while being the best modern warrior . But at least we know that many mma fighters do it for the love of the sport. I hope this paying structure changes soon though , again it really saddens me.

      • joe rogan is going to quit the ufc and will continue his career in wwe, i think he will debut this late november, watch out for this guys.

      • the voice of mr crabs in spongebob is actually joe rogan.

    • Most likely yes but it might not be the case, a great kicker does not always beat a brilliant boxer, especially if the kicker gets caught up in it. Think of Diaz vs. cerrone.

      Some certain guys like Condit, Barboza, Aldo and Barao can follow a gameplan and use kicks effectively to nulify punchers but it seems even at times Aldo has had the oppertunity to exploit his kicking advanatge even further (Faber fight and others) and sort of forgot about them or just decided to abandon them.

      But your right, when used right, the kicks specifically should shut down a boxer.

      • @Keith Diaz although is considered a boxer in his striking he's also had years of practice defending kicks and being able to read which strike is coming. Floyd wouldn't recognize the difference between body kicks and head kicks. Also blocking a strong high kick for the 1rst time might make his arms a little slower. I don't want to start this argument because I'd have to take Floyd over anyone in MMA straight boxing, but in the octagon I think he'd even have trouble with some hands 1rst fighters. The style is different. They move a whole lot more. How often do we see people in MMA just cover up and take 10 punches before swinging back? combos are different, everything is different.

  • I find the image in my head of Rousey kills Mayweather with a judo throw very entertaining

  • This guy (my idol) should really run for president and make **** happen!. he speaks the truth with knowledge and dosent hold back!!!. For anyone that has not listened to joe rogans podcast……you got to get on board man!(I know what you're thinking ,Rumble get of his "nuts"!…but, this guy really is inspirational) Furthermore Mayweather would get knocked the faaaak out! by most of us members from lowkick lol …..true story though…. mayweather cant run with his face and back planted to the mat.

  • Lets not forget that Muhammad Ali fought Antonio Anoki and it was a draw. I'm not saying Joe is wrong, in fact, I think he is right but not an average college wrestler. An average MMA wrestler. Lets face it, Mayweather is not a stupid man and the college wrestler would be anxious. A little hyperbole.

    • Now that fight was fixed!

    • Anoki was told he couldn't wrestle and chose to sit on his *** kicking Ali in the shins, leaving him with nothing to punch. It was like Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites, only without the standups.

  • There was a rumor a few years ago that One of Randy couture's guys beat him up is there any truth to that? Also fighting in MMA gloves forget about it!

  • I agree with Rogan that pretty much any college wrestler who wasn't petrified of Floyd and had an okay shot could (could, not always would) smash him.

    It would be fascinating to see a top ranked or just any high level boxer have a full career in MMA. All we've seen is a couple of half-hearted one off fights from guys past there prime and sadly no lighter weight boxers.

    We've seen extremely high level kickboxers such as Cro Cop transition to MMA in his prime and prove that high level kickboxers can excel in MMA if they take grappling serious.
    We have also seen high level kickboxers such as Badr Hari take a half-hearted shot at MMA and has get the same result as most of the boxers who have half-heartedly try… get destroyed.

    I doubt we will ever get a Cro Cop equivalent in boxing coming to MMA because simply, if they are at that elite level then they aren't going to leave that boxing money behind.

    I've given up on elite boxers transitioning but I don't care because we could potentially have a great career coming from brilliant kickboxer Tyrone Spong!

  • At the MMA gym I go to we have a decent amateur boxer who has been coming for the last few months and his knowledge and skill with his hands is so far superior to even our gym's best fighter (ex BAMMA champion).

    Over only a few months he has developed decent a decent submission grappling game and TDD. That mixed with his great boxing (great compared to the rest of the gym even though he is only amateur) and developing kicks and it's a scary thing.

    I just wish more amateur and even maybe Olympic boxers would go to MMA before the boxing pros…. truthfully outside and even inside a lot of the UFC, the athletes have shockingly bad hands compared to boxers, even the amateurs.

  • by the way… Mayweather already has one win over a 400 pound pro wrestler the Big Show at Wrestlemania 24, but he couldn't do it without a chair and a brass knuckle… so maybe he could beat Couture… but i might be wrong.

    • Randy? lmao no way man. Randy is big enough to throw Floyd clean out of the octagon.

      • lol i'm just kidding, i mean he can win with a steel chair and a brass knuckle 🙂

  • The topic was "wrestler" Mayweather isn't a big guy. He'd get taken down quick unless he was running away the whole time and it's pretty hard to connect when you're running away. Down he'd go, then vicious GnP, and it's all over. Joe is correct.

  • I think Joe Rogan is an ace when it comes to Jujitsu commentary. However when it comes to topics outside of martial arts, Joe Rogan is often so high he would have you believe he is a high level physicist. If it is martial arts related I listen to Rogan, but if not its probably sensationalised regurgitated conspiracy theories and political views on his podcast.

    • Enjoy, I don't always agree with Joe either, but I've heard more truth, facts and topics that aren't covered by the corporate media on his show, then we ever hear in the "news".

      50 years after JFK's murder who still believe the "magic bullet….theory"? Personally, I know one good reason no to and it's, because I know magic isn't real. Yet, for 50 years those who have questioned have been derided as conspiracy theorists. I find it amusing that people who believe in "magic bullets" call other people crazy.

      Interesting fact, the term conspiracy theorist didn't show up in the popular lexicon until 1968, when it showed up in the New York times and then it's been used ever since. The interesting thing about the date, is that it was 5 years after JFK's assassination and 4 years after the Warren Report and people not buying it. So, when the public began to question the "magic bullet" theory and the "story" they were told, the corporate owned media went after those who weren't buying the story.

      "History would be an excellent thing if only it were true." Leo Tolstoy

      • Did you ever listen to the joe rogan podcast with Josh Barnett. He was talking bout p-u-s-sy and s-e-x and being a complete knob. Topics like that don't need to be broadcast. Then Rogan tries to convince the world that smoking marijuana is healthy. He is dillusional if he thinks breathing in "smoke" offers benefits to your respiratory system. I don't have a problem with people smoking, but you shouldn't encourage people to do things that effects their health.

    • Duder…Tim Silvia? Come on, man. Tim is no paragon of MMA, nor did anyone appoint him to carry the banner and he has no jaw.

      It was a nice bit of comedy, though. Nice music, too.

  • It's all good if you don't get hit coming in and if it's a champ boxer vs an average wrestler with not boxing experience their is just as much a chance you get KO'd as the boxer gets taken down. Watch videos of boxers on youtube that get into street fights and you will see they usually Ko the other guy first punch and the other guy usually gets to throw first too. I think that a pro boxer with linited wrestling vs a pro wrestler with limited boxing would show the wrestler a heavy favourite but with no punching or dodging experience the boxer will do great in a street fight vs a wrestler.

    • I disagree. By the very nature of someone's posture with a wrestling shot, a boxer would find it very difficult to throw with any power in a way that will matter, and the wrestler's chin isn't readily available. Even within the realm of boxing, one punch knockouts are exceptionally rare. Meanwhile, if someone with any wrestling experience takes down someone else with none, the odds of that person ever getting back to their feet, or doing any damage from the ground from that matter, are slim to none. With their comparative skill sets, even just clinching up would probably all but assure victory for the wrestler.

      • Its very rare for 1 punch KO's in boxing with pillows on your hands but in street fights it is very common and if you have ever seen someone who has not been hit before get hit for the first time they cower. We are talking a wrestler with no punching experience vs a boxer with no wrestling experience and it is easily 50-50. I ahve never seen a street fight where a wrestler just simply beats another man with his wrestling but there are countless of boxers who demolish their foes sometimes 4 or 5 at a time all with single well placed punches.

        • The sensation of taking a hit is something encountered in many areas of life. People get in fights all the time outside of a disciplined arena, in which almost everyone punches and gets punched in the face. Some people can take it and some people can't. I just last week accidentally slammed my face into something at work. People in wrestling accidentally headbutt and get slammed all the time. They know what an impact to the head feels like. In fact, they probably also know more about throwing or dodging a punch than the boxer does about wrestling. Much of standup is instinctual. Someone with absolutely no training in anything still flinches away from blows and tries to block something coming at their face. Virtually nothing about grappling is instinctual. A trained wrestler will only need one shot to make the fight unwinnable for the boxer, and the boxer may only need one good punch. The difference is, the boxer will likely only get one punch before the wrestler is on him. If it were that easy for a boxer to land a good shot on someone dashing in, you'd see a lot fewer boxers stalling fights by rushing in and clinching.

    • Your point was disproven about 20 years ago. It's called UFC 1. Guy's with 0 grappling experience get nowhere against a grappler, FAST.

      Wake up dude.