Jake Shields: I Want Another Shot At GSP


Jake Shields put in a boring, yet effective strategy at last night’s UFN 29 main event; nullifying Maia’s best work with some clinchy/huggy wrestling and not much else. I may sound like a Jake Shields hater right now, and with good reason. The guy has put more people to sleep than a Swedish euthanasia clinic.

I’m never really one to dislike someone purely for their style, but even Jon Fitch is more entertaining than Shields. It can be quite a cut throat sport when you consider ticket sales outweight talent in the grand scheme of things, but surely this should motivate guys to put in more work.

That being said, Shields upset the favorite in his hometown, so kudos to you sir. Obviously Shields feels that he is back up with the top echelon at 170, speaking at last night’s post-fight presser to outline his future hopes:

“I think (the win over Maia) puts me really high back up. Maia was ranked number four in the world (and was on) a four-fight win streak. I already have wins over Carlos Condit, Robbie Lawler, top contenders. So I want another shot at GSP.”

The win over Condit came in 2006, so I don’t really see that as a relevant point. If JS wants the shot at GSP, he will surely have to face Condit/MacD/Lawler. Plus I think that Condit would absolutely destroy Shields at this stage, so maybe that would be a cool fight to make.

Shields’ win over Lawler was also a few years ago, in Strikeforce (whatever that was). Lawler is looking a new man at 170lbs. and he faces top WW Rory MacDonald soon. I think Shields may be jumping the gun here.

“Whether I have to fight Rory MacDonald, Carlos Condit, any of the top contenders, I just want to fight people at the top right now.”

Although some of us may not enjoy his style, Shields is an elite MMArtist, and he deserves recognition for his win. So what’s next for the grappling whiz kid? Well I think that a fight against Jake Ellenberger would make sense, seeing as The Juggernaut smashed Shields back in 2011.

Any suggestions?

  • hmmm not gonna happen

    • Ivy

      I will not need to ingest a sleeping pill before bed that night.

    • Maybe not…but he has a stellar record and deserves it.

      • Deserves what? I hope you're not refering to a title fight?!? GSP destroyed Shields in the first 3 rounds, until Shields purposely eye poked GSP 2 or 3 times. A little after the halfway mark in the 3rd round is when Shields landed that devastating eye poke, which caused the most damage to GSP's eye. Even with GSP only seeing out of one eye with 2 rounds left in a title fight, Shields still couldnt do **** against him. The main & probably the only reason GSP didn't follow Jake down to the ground after that nice head kick GSP landed, was b/c he could only see out of one eye. Try fighting with one eye open/closed and you will have no depth perception, which is a very bad way to fight, especially at the highest levels of MMA. Shields wouldn't beat Condit or Rory, and we all seen what Ellenberger did to him, but in fairness to Shields, his dad had passed away a week or two before that fight, but I still think Ellenberger would have won that fight, just not as fast or as devastating.

        • destroyed him?…purposely eye poked? I think you're reaching by a long shot with personal bias man.

  • A split decision win does not equate instant contender one more fight against a top contender I say.

  • Roy? I think roy would be good. roy hasnt been tested yet against top grappler. It maybe the washroom break/order pizza fight. But its still a good rankings match up.

    But for GSP? hes at the end of a very long line.

  • Please don't ever headline another card!

  • I wont bash Shields, I can see other's point, but I enjoyed seeing Shields sub Paul Daley in Strikeforce, it was fast and slick.

  • Yawwwwwn….sorrry….did you say something Jake?

    I want to date Kate Upton, and figure I'll get my shot right around the same time Jake gets another crack at GSP.

    • Kate is one of the hottest chicks on the planet!

  • Only if GSP gets to wear goggles next time.

  • That fight was not boring. That was an awesome display of grappling. I enjoyed it very much.

    • I agree Choke, it separates the "just bleed" fans(as HunterB Says) though lol

      • There was some high level jujitsu going on. My "yawn" was directed at the predictable and unlikely "I want GSP" comment.

  • Credit where it's due FFS. Maia has looked unstoppable at LW and Shields beat him fair and square. It was boring at times but also brilliant at times too if you have an appreciation of the skill levels of these two guys. Remember no has ever transitioned from bad positions against Maia like Shields did and he did it several times. If fans cannot appreciate the training and awareness and timing to do such a thing against a fighter like Maia you aren't true MMA fans and Ichoke is bang on the money.

    I did notice when Maia let his hands go his striking was decent and i think it is an area he has worked on yet still lacks confidence himself in or is too confident in his bread and butter Jitz game to apply himself better. I think if he approached a fight determined to keep it standing and make it a striking match and keep his A game in his back pocket he'd become a totally different beast as I believe more training with leg kicks and boxing he'd be able to live with the elite standing and his ground game is still one of the best in the business. Even when Shields transitioned Maia's defense was supreme and Shield's struggled to get any offensive progress going. It may have looked like Shield's was stalling at times but I guarantee you you put any commenter here under Shields in the cage and they'd be subbed in seconds as they have no idea at the nouse and savvy of both Maia and Shields at what they do. The only criticism I make of Shields is he pitter patters shots when sometimes oepnings are there to really lay some hard leather.