Georges St. Pierre Has Big Plans For A Super Fight


This week’s UFC World Tour 2013 has brought a wealth of new media coverage to MMA, and some of it has centered around UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. At yesterday’s UFC World Tour New York stop, GSP met up with Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting to dish on his upcoming fight against Johny Hendricks, Rory MacDonald’s performance last weekend, and his upcoming return to Las Vegas this November.

But perhaps his most scintillating comment centered around the potential super fights available to GSP, something that talk of has died down since Anderson Silva’s UFC 162 loss to Chris Weidman. St. Pierre attempted to remain mum on the subject, but claimed that a huge announcement is coming soon:

“There are things I wanna do in my career and I can’t tell you right now. Rory as well, and we have plans. You’ll see in time. It’s better if I keep it secret then when it comes, it’s gonna blow up. We’ll see. I’m interested. I’m very interested. ‘Super fight’ doesn’t mean I have to go … it’s 15 pounds between categories. It’s a lot of options. We’ll see.”

Some interesting speculation from the champ, who must first get by the tough test of Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 to avoid any Silva-like destruction of his super fight plans. UFC lightweight champ Ben Henderson has often speculated about a possible bout with St. Pierre. At this point in time, it’s unlikely that we see GSP face Anderson Silva.

Who is GSP referring to when he says he has a big announcement, and will he survive Hendricks to put those plans into fruition? 

  • He must have finally found the b*lls to face Ben Henderson.

    • gsp and mighty mouse are going to fight big foot Now that's a super fight
      Rumble in the jungle part 666

    • Super fight?

      Bendo has finished 0 of his last 8 fights. GSP has finished 0 of his last 6 fights.

      More like a super hug.

    • maybe this is how he will avoid Maia.

  • Has to be Henderson moving up since GSP refuses to go to 85.

  • That would be a great fight, could lose a lot of its hype if both or even one of them lose their upcoming fights.

    And each of their upcoming bouts is arguably the toughest test of their career.

  • Wow this is an eaaaasy fight for GSP. I wouldn't even think of it as a super fight

  • Doesn't mean I have to… go all the way to 185
    or 155. He'll fight catch weight bouts after he beats Hendricks.

    That is until Lawler KOs Rory, and GSP wants revenge. WAR LAWLER bitches

    • Although Lawler looked decent in his last outing there is no way he has the speed or tactical finesse to outmaneuver Rory to put himself in a position in which he would get the KO. Additionally, I agree that GSP will get past Johnny.
      WAR CANADIANS!! bitches.

  • Wow that would be a fun scenario to play out

  • Big plans for a super fight? Sure.

  • I could she George vs Aldo at 155 catch weight. No titles on the line but still a huge money maker for the UFC with no real side affects.

  • Who likes GSP vs SHOWTIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Showtime was outwrestled by Clay Guida… What do you think would happen against GSP?

      • Yep. Love Pettis, but GSP would wreck his world badly.


  • GSP won't move to 185, he'll retire before that happens. Why would he move to 185 late in his professional career when he will be slowing down facing bigger and more dangerous guys and would have to face someone like Chris Weidman. Makes no sense. GSP will defend against Hendricks, and then he will decide. There is nothing for GSP to gain from fighting Rory so the fight will never happen.

  • i called it way before this… GSP to 155 for the LW title.

    You guys who say he's 195 have never seen him in real life. It's all assumptions. He now trains and diets year round. He looks like how he looks on tv year round. Which is a lot smaller then other guys ive seen who look like short middle weights who cut to LW

  • "I only watch baseball for the home runs, basketball for dunking, the 100m in the Olympics and MMA for finishes."

    If GSP just keeps winning, at a certain point, he'll become the GOAT. I figure IF he goes 3 past Silva'a record for wins/title defenses, that would do the job.

    At that point, he could use a wet noddle to slap fighters, still out point them and the voice of ******** fans crying out "dammit finish someone" will be lost to the mighty win streak.

    Hendriks, Lawler, Maia, Condit (again maybe) or "Paul Harris", Take out three of those guys and GSP will be lnocking on the door of immortakity…whatever the experts think

    • It'll happen down the line. People are too infatuated with the stoppage now in terms of greatness to understand that even though something is boring it is still dominant.

      If GSP defends 5 or 6 more times he'll be at the top of the GOAT discussion. Too much dominance in an unreal tough weight class.

    • I think all of that is true, Crane and I hope it comes to fruition, but when you step back and look at it, that's a tall order. It really is. However, if GSP could nail the names on your list…truly, he would be the GOAT.

      ..and if it can be done…Rush is the focused guy to get the job done.

    • Cranestyle, GSP will get past them all with only Conduit presenting the complexities that should make that particular bout the most interesting technically.

  • Anytime I read GSP's comments I read it with a french accent…then finish with a "I am not impressed with your performance."

    • Damn that was funny and really original

  • To anybody who is thinking that GSP will flat out cut all the way to 155, think about the student of combat sports that GSP is. He understands that older fighters cutting down to lower weights that they haven't fought at (at all or for a while) have a horrible record throughout history.

    I highly doubt he goes all the way down.

  • Gsp is going to jab Hendo into tomorrow, Wait what?

  • Man I am pumped can't wait to see GSP as pound for pound best fighter in the wor….zzzzz