Free Fight Of The Day: Benson Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar At UFC 144


Before Frankie Edgar first met Benson Henderson at UFC 144, The Answer was undefeated in almost four years. He was fresh off a devastating fourth round knockout of Gray Maynard, and had -plenty of steam coming in to the fight with Bendo. Henderson had only lost once in five years, to Anthony Pettis, and was looking at his career best.

I thought that Frankie would steal the show in this bout, and many people actually thought he’d won, but UFC 144 would mark the start of an 18 month streak of losses for Edgar. As we know, Edgar managed to get a good win against Charles Oliveira recently, and is now being linked to top 10 matches again.

The bout at UFC 144 shows the reason that Bendo has had so much success, he has a very judge friendly style. Similar to Sugar Ray Leanord, Henderson likes to turn it up at the end of rounds, and more so in the championship rounds to catch the judge’s eyes.Henderson is set to face off against Anthony Pettis at UFC 164, in a highly anticipated match up.

Check out Edgar vs. Henderson in their FOTN performance, courtesy of, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • I still think Edgar won against Henderson.

  • Loll yea ok Ben destroy Frankie in that fight. The second fight was very close.