Frankie Edgar: I’m Not Going Home Disappointed At UFC 162


When he steps into the Octagon at UFC 162 to fight Charles Oliveira, former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will be making a return to territory that has become unfamiliar to him in recent years. Since 2010, Edgar has been embroiled in only title bouts dating back to when he took a somewhat controversial decision from BJ Penn.

In that span, Edgar has only seen a fight finished once, when he knocked Gray Maynard out at UFC 136 in 2011. Now, Edgar will look to win, and win impressively. In this pre-fight UFC interview, Edgar details the strengths that Oliveira brings to the table, noting his opponent’s submission prowess. 

But Edgar thinks he can avoid the fight being taken to the ground, and he very well may be right. He knows that razor thin judges’ decisions have not been too kind to him lately, so it is in his best interest to finish the fight early. Will he achieve this goal on July 6th?


  • I feel Frankie Edgar has the boxing skills/speed to KO almost anyone in the featherweight division, I just hope he raises his aggression level and starts hunting for the KO rather than just edging fights on points. We all know that mma judging needs to be seriously improved and it will probably improve in the near future (hopefully) but in the meantime Frankie cannot keep putting the outcome of his fights in the hands of half-blind, semi-idiotic judges because more often than not he is going to get screwed. Hopefully he comes out hungry and aggressive, KO's Oliveira in the first round and makes a statement in this very stacked division.

    • I think the edging on points was exactly that, he was fighting much bigger guys. I expect to see better results soon.

  • Feels weird seeing him in a non-title fight.

  • He's one of my favorite fighters. I love the guy. I have mad respect for him. I still think he beat Henderson in both their fights. Most definitely the second one.

    • Same Brian, for me there is no doubt. I also think he won the Aldo fight but that was the closest.

  • Yes I know…I am Brazilian…..but dont cont Oliveira out…he is a Bad Mofo

  • Hi, my name's Frankie Edgar. I fight guys twice! hahaha I love frankie