Fight Master Delivers Again: The Quarterfinals


Another episode of “Fight Master” went off last night and with it, 2 quarterfinal fights that had something for everyone.

First up was a bout between two welterweights, 22 year old (6 & 1) Cole Williams (Team Couture) and 28 year old (6 & 0) Nick Barnes (Team Shamrock). In brief, here’s how the fight went: The bell rang, the two came out and touched gloves, there was 4 seconds of movement at which point Barnes through an outside low-kick and Williams countered with an overhand right, which landed. Barnes went down and Williams followed him to the ground delivering punches, with the referee stopping the fight the 22 seconds into round 1; Cole Williams, winner, round 1 by TKO (punches).

The second fight in the line-up was a bout between two more welterweights 33 year old Mike Bronzoulis (15-5-1) and 30 year old Chris Lozano (10-3). Where the first fight of the card was a quick affair, the second was not.

Bronzoulis & Lozano had become “friends” on the show, but when it came time for Lozano to pick his fight (the) Team Shamrock member did his MMA math and figured that his friend (Bronzoulis / Team Couture) was the easiest path for advancement in the tournament, and based on that, Lozano picked Bronzoulis. For his part, Bronzoulis didn’t appreciate the selection and what was a house-friendship, quickly turned sour.

Without blowing the ending for those that missed it last night, I can tell you this much, the fight required a sudden-death third round and both fighters gave it their all.

Again, Fight Master gaves us one of those fights that had it been on a UFC card and in front of a large audience, the fans would have been standing on their feet and cheering it on; Dana White would probably have given locker-room bonuses to both fighters.

In the end, the fight itself was a unanimous decision victory for…(hit play on the video to find out).

*Note: If you’re interested in the show and would like to follow it, then please be adivsed that Fight Master has been moved from its original Wednesday night airings and is now broadcast on Thursday nights, on SPIKE TV.  


  • Really not impressed with this show… some great fights but the production is lacking too much… Great concept but very VERY poorly executed.

    Headed to the gym now so i'll break it down in detail later… !!

    To be continued….

    • Experience, I'm surprised you're not enjoying the show. I think it's been great and in particular I love how they cover the fights and the cornering.

      • Ok here we go…

        The show looked promising the first few eps where they were fighting to get in the house and could choose their coach… just the concept of 4 camps competing with each other, especially with Couture and Jackson being a part of it was just great.

        However, it totally went South with the execution… I expected to see some real training. The kind of training that sets one camp a part from the other and i've seen NONE of that. As matter of fact you see more training and strategy in TUF and I think that's because the "coaches" really didn't spend all that much time coaching these fighters at all! So there's barely any footage! They make you believe these fighters go through this whole camp with these coaches when they really don't! If it was done RIGHT you should see transformed fighters step into the cage and so far i've seen very little progress (more proof that they really didn't get to train much with the coaches). This is why it's been a disappointment to me. They simply did not deliver what they promised..

        TUF although not perfect and in need of an upgrade, is a much MUCH more solid production. Fightmaster has a better concept but TUF has much better execution and is therefore the better show.

        I just totally lost interest in Fightmaster… I forget it's on every week, download it and fast forward to the fights. When TUF is on i never forget. I always tune in right on time and watch the whole show.

        Maybe Fightmaster will get it right after a few seasons (if there will be any)… but right now it just doesn't cut it for me.

        • Sorry, I just completely disagree. Fightmaster is everything I wanted for TUF. More fighting(2 fights every time) and less drama and bs. People watch UFC events with very little background or footage of fighters and they gobble it up because the fighting is what they want to see. Would you rather watch a UFC event or a TUF episode? Jackson also is the last person I enjoy seeing on fightmaster so if his guys get eliminated it will be even Sorry but when TUF went live they were gearing more towards what I want but then they ruined it by going back to all the warm up training on excercise equipment and a few roll arounds and then finally after all the drama we get to see just one fight.

  • This show is way better than TUF. This is about fighting and coaching, none of the Big Brother drama that TUF is almost all about. But I have to say that Bronzoulis did not impress me, he had great chances to really inflict damage but he just hit Lozano with weak taps against the cage. I don't think he is going to survive the next round, unless Randy can work wonders. Then again I'm not sure that Randy wont work wonders, he's a great coach with a great eye for strategy.

    The only negative thing I have to say about the show is Diesel. He shouldn't be on the show, he should be competing with the big dogs. It's clear that he's gonna win the show, unless his mind starts playing tricks on him. And if that happens it's quite unfair to the fighters that he's put out of the show. Because the fighter that beats him, got lucky he got to fight another fighter than the guys that lost to Diesel.

    • I actually don't think Diesel is that good and the top seeds are just as good as him. I actually think his team mate is the favourite to win because I don't think anyone(riggs included) will stop his control.

  • This is practically identical to TUF.
    If you compare this to the later half of TUF that has 2 fights in 1 episode theres no difference. Only with Fight Master the coaches don't get to fight to so all the trash talk between them goes no where.

    • Yeah but you have to wait till the end to get 2 fights an episode and fightmaster has way less bit*hing and bs. In fact most of the B.S. is coming from Greg Jackson