Rashad Evans: The illusion of the mythical Jon Jones doesn’t exist for me


“I’m at the point where I’m not really bothered by anything (Jon Jones) says. What he says makes no sense anyway. He thinks he’s something so special people need to bow to him when they see him on the street. Does it motivate me? At this point, not really. There’s really not much more he can say to me to motivate me. I’m already motivated for this fight; I’m motivated beyond reason. Yeah, I want to be the first guy to really beat Jon, yeah, I want my title belt back and I want to show my former trainer what’s what. But this fight is not about proving a lot of people wrong about Jon Jones; it’s about proving me right. The illusion of or the mythical Jon Jones that the other guys fought, it doesn’t exist for me. I know how weak he is mentally – all the doubts he has about himself. I’m going to be the first one to stop this kid. I saw an interview where he says he’s not giving it to me. He don’t have to. I’m taking it from him at UFC 145 on April 21.” – For more from Rashad Evans, visit Yahoo.com

It appears Rashad Evans believes in himself and his abilities to the fullest, and shows no love lost for former training partner, Jon Jones.

The hype surrounding this battle is reaching an all-time high, and could result in one of the most-watched UFC pay-per-views in history. With one combined loss (and one DQ) between the two top-ranked Light Heavyweights, a battle for the ages could ensue. Who will win this epic clash, Low’kickers? Is Rashad Evans the man to finally dethrone the momentum of Jon Jones in an emotionally-fueled grudge match?

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Photo: Francis Specker

  • tough one to call rashad can win no doubt, i personally think rashad is gonna knock him out or win the decision, but who knows if that happens jones would then come back and defeat him then hold the title for a long time, Otherwise Jon is just gonna knock rashad out in like the first minute machida style

  • I don’t care who wins, but if it’s Jones i can’t wait to see what evans says about it.

  • Rashad always speaks his mind, rare for a lot of athletes.

  • prepare for a hump fest

  • This fight is great for rashad….I see him winning this fight. He knows every move on Jones and he will be mentally ten times stronger.
    You can see he wants this bad. I’ve never seen rashad so motivated.

    he will tie up Jones and pound on him….Rashad moves too well to be caught on the outside

  • Was supposed to b “funny”….stupid a$$ phone. I think rashads gonna b the 1 trying the humping tho

  • Rashad literally just said all the right things to make me think he might have a chance. I said ”might”…

  • I personally see it bad for rashad…you cant really get bigger than jones at that weight class…hes no pushover. Not going to be easy to just tie up and ground and pound a huge jc national wrestling champ.
    Rashad moves good on the outside, but jones wont give evans a chance in hell to use thst type of side to side movement(jones will be too far for that). Jones uses distance better than most. Rashad can hit jones with jumping straight in and out, but will have to watch for a heel to his chin and taking a nap.
    I see Jones just dominating…i think rashad should drop to 185 personally…hed be a monster there. Evans is good….jones is another level and has size on his side. I personally feel evans is busting a chael and just selling the fight…he’s doing a great job too. Evans can win, but id say 4/1 jones.
    Im looking forward to the fight and seeing jon jones continue to make UFC history.

  • Lmfao…he has a chance…but everyone in mma always does have at least that

  • Are you kidding? You really think Evans is pulling a Chael Sonnen here? How much more obvious can it be that the bad emotions towards Jon Jones & Greg Jackson have consumed Rashad. I think he’s calm now because he’s prepared. He’s put in the work, and he truly, truly believes he’s going to break JBJ, and man I’d love to see someone humble ‘Bones’. He can regain his title after he’s been humbled :).

  • If Greg Jackson wasn’t in the picture I’d feel fairly confident ‘Suga’ could take him out, if nothing else, based on his attitude and drive. I’ve never seen someone so motivated. Honestly I think Rashad would die in that ring to make his point.

    At the same time, it’s unfortunate that Greg Jackson has worked so much w/ Rashad you get bet all your marbles he has a wicked game plan ready to put Rashad away, or knowing Jackson, perhaps to out point Evans.

    I never thought I’d feel this way, but in this ONE fight, I would not mind seeing Rashad Evans hand Greg Jackson a taste of his own medicine by holding JBJ on the ground and frustrating him into a point defeat.

  • I’ve got Evans via TKO in the 3rd

  • Rashad has no chance. But what is he supposed to say? That he’s scared and he’s going to lose. Seriously what does he offer that Machida, Shogun and that dumbass Rampage. Not much more to be honest.

  • First minute?

  • Machida beat rashan in the first minute?

  • OK lets do some research….First off Evan is good but he’s no GOD compared to Jones, Machida, and others in the top of 205 ok first off I’m looking at all their records and comparing fights Thiago Silva went the distance with Evans where Machida KO’d him in the first round. We all know Evan and Machida went… and Evans vs. Rampage was super-heated and Evans was talking the same shit he is now and he didn’t finish him either actually he almost got KO’d where Rampage vs. Machida…Jackson said that’s the hardest he’s ever been hit and he would only fight him again if it was an absolute must and he also said he got his ass whooped he thought he lost and Jones finished Rampage and Machida….so I might be the only one here but Evans has nothing for Jones….Machida was better than him and this was years ago he was at his prime going into the Machida fight…. the pinnacle of his career IMHO so he’s just trying to hype the fight up but plain and simple Jones will drag him in deep water and finish him just like he’s done the last 3 belt holders and not to mention he absolutely destroyed Bader….where is the gray here I don’t see it personally he would have to completely shit on his training camp this fight and go out partying and show up hung over to the fight for Evans to have a chance and still might be close lol

  • mma maths lol

  • Im all in on jones for this too…personally im not the biggest greg jackson fan, but jones IS A MONSTER in MMA.

  • I feel 100% in my balls….that rashad is pulling a chael, but we’ll all find out.

  • Rashad has the tools to beat him , just cant wait to see the outcome because realistically this could go either way.

  • completely agree.

  • machida style(the way he knocked rashad out) .. but inside the first minute

  • He meant he’ll KTFO Rashad, similar to how Machida did it, in the first min.

  • Rashad will get submitted in the 3rd round.

  • He’s more athletic, faster, stronger, great wrestling and boxing. Not to mention that one way or another, he knows Jones. Rampage stood there hoping to magically knock him out and Rua wasn’t pulling the trigger. I would like to see a Machida rematch sometime though, Machida looked good until what happened came to pass

  • Bet u $5 it doesnt happen 😀

  • U cant really argue more athletic…jones older bro is a pro football player…his little bro a stud @ syracuse….hes a jc national champ…maybe faster and better boxing…but this is MMA…ask james toney. I cant wait for this fight though…ill be betting on jones…bet u wont do the opposite.

  • Very possible…

  • Hopefully the odd setters see this fight the same way most u guys do…it’ll just make me more money. 😀

  • Btw guys…just becuz u dont agree, doesnt mean u should weak something…sum ppl here r babies about their fav fighter…its cool to like ppl…but face reality 1+1=2 is fact, not opinion. Jones is gonna win and the rest of u that disagreed jones will win, will act like all the other “experts”…”well i had a feeling deep down the guy i thought would lose would really win”…..jus sayin 😀

    I dare all u rashad fans to put ur money where ur mouth is and get online…and bet on rashad if ur so sure to weak ppl comments for disagreeing. It’ll really make things that much more fun 😉

  • Sugar Rashad Evans. He’s thriving off negative energy and is jealous of a kid who is simply more gifted.To add to insult he behaves much more mature than Evans inspite of being much younger.He is not the same fighter(nor is Rashad) when they trained 2 gether,he is MUCH stronger(look how everyone said Baider was much stronger than Jones) and with both superior size,strength and striking,Rashad is going to be in for a world of trouble.

  • I was saying that Evans is more athletic than Rampage and Rua, not Jones. Read a little more before you respond bro

  • At this level u never know who is gonna win.It’s not always the most talented fighter that wins.Imo there are several factors playing a big role….Gameplan,form of the day experience ,and just dumb luck.They can both knock someone out.tough one to call.1+1 doesn’t add up for me.Its not that simple….if it was ,then who wants to watch if the outcome is so predictable…kida

  • Dude, there is no other option except weak to show disagreement. I cant disagree and press ‘Cool’, ‘Sharp’ or ‘funny’!

  • Never did u SAY THAT…u might have been thinking that when you wrote it, but you never specified who to who. Guess u never learned anything in english class…..bro…

  • U r right buddy….thats why they have a reply button >.

  • Most fights arent someone vs. Jon jones (my personal lb for lb best). Some fights u bet all ur money on…some you dont bet a $1. This is one ill be betting a decent wager.

  • Once again, if you would read, you would see. Matt1926 said ” What does Evans have to offer that Machida, Shogun, and Rampage don’t.” You chimed in half way so pull your wedgie out and calm down

  • Btw…jone jones is expected to win so badly…for every $100 you bet on him to win….u will only recieve about $18….not looking good for rashad according to them. Maybe you guys who believe in rashad should bet…u’ll make some decent money if.he wins.

  • Jones wins.

  • A lot of people are sleeping on Rashad in this fight and i just don’t get that. Don’t get me wrong i know just how dangerous Jones is but Rashad is equally as dangerous imo and he only has one loss himself. Rashad is also one of, if not ‘the’, best wrestler in the LHW division, no-one has adapted their wrestling for MMA better, as he proved in his last fight against Davis, the much better ‘pure’ wrestler on paper.

    If he can get past Jones’ long limbs and unorthodox striking there is every reason to believe that he will have the advantage and i think he knows Jones’ game just enough to do just that. As well as that Rashad is also a dangerous striker in his own right with plenty of KO power.

    I’m not saying Rashad is definately going to beat Jones, that would be plain stupid but i give him a better chance than most seem to be. I think he has the style to give Jones problems, he’s fast, has good movement and knows better then most how Jones moves. For me, it all adds up to be a lot more of a competitive fight than the bookies seem to think anyway. It’s perfectly plausible, in my book anyway, that Rashad may just shock the world come fight night……….but we’ll see…

  • Everyone seems to be banging on about rashard knows his every move, he trained with him for a long time, you gotta remember though the same advantage is with Jones. Its a double edge sword they both know each others games incredibly well, Jones is gonna know exactly how rashard is gonna use his speed to get on the inside, he knows how he is gonna feint the combos and go for takedowns or vice versa, with his reach advanatage, his size advanatge, that fact that he knows rashards game ( I dont care if he has changed camps after a certain amount of time training in the fight game you develop a style rashard developed his a long time ago he wont change it dramatically just tweak it) and has possibly the greatest strategist in his corner mr greg jackson, and the fact he is probably the biggest LHW to grace the octagon I find it diffificult to see how rashard is gonna win unless he catchs him…which again is harder than people think, machida did the best job but as soon as jones realised where he was leaving opening for machida he simply shut machidas game down….I reckon this guy gonna be on top for a while

  • rampage=better boxing than rashad+stronger
    machida=faster than rashad (machida the only one that uses his style of speed)+better all round stand up
    btw rua=better all round stand up

    ur right about rashads athleticism

    ur right, i guess i f!@#$ up…but so did u writing that ignorant crap

  • not sure if you’ve seen…but most ppl here think rashad’s gonna win…which is pretty dumb…
    Rashad has 1 loss, but has almost lost/hasnt finished anyone the way jones does.
    Another thing, Jones is practically undeafeated…and not only that…but has never even been in a BAD POSITION HIS WHOLE CAREER(UNHEARD OF)
    I personally think the best LHW MMA wrestler might be Jones, but i’ll have to wait to see that. No one has tested jones as a wreslter…he was over Bader(who’s probably juicing) like Bader was a highschool wrestler in the UFC. Bader was useless…
    Again…i can’t wait for this fight. Rashad will end up going to 185 one day…

  • not sure if you’ve seen…but most ppl here think rashad’s gonna win…which is pretty dumb…
    Rashad has 1 loss, but has almost lost/hasnt finished anyone the way jones does.
    Another thing, Jones is practically undeafeated…and not only that…but has never even been in a BAD POSITION HIS WHOLE CAREER(UNHEARD OF)
    I personally think the best LHW MMA wrestler might be Jones, but i’ll have to wait to see that. No one has tested jones as a wreslter…he was over Bader(who’s probably juicing) like Bader was a highschool wrestler in the UFC. Bader was useless…
    Again…i can’t wait for this fight. Rashad will end up going to 185 one day…

  • WOW! Take a nap sweetheart! ( By the way, you’re still wrong and Machida wasn’t included in my break down of flawed performances against Jones.)

  • The bottom line is this: Jones is going to win. This fight won’t get passed the 3rd round. HOWEVER from a gambling perspective the odds are correct. Jones should be a 5 to 1 favorite becasue he’s going to win easily. If you have 10g to part from put in on jones. If you only have $50 put it on Rashad. You’re getting a perfectly capable top notch fighter at a great price, not standing to lose much and anything can happen.

  • gm1

    Rashad does noit have a chance in hell…
    The only minature chance is him taking JJ down but that might be too hard. That is the only weapon he has against JJ. Very weak…anyway you see it….JJ is not stupid….He know distance better than anyone in the fight business. If Rashad tries to do the machida dash in…it wont take too long for JJ to get the timing down. Then the inevitable will happen as Machida starting to run into JJ punches. Unfortunately Machida got rocked, then choked out whoich will happen to Rashad too…. Put money on that people…..

  • Ok, How can people say rashad doesnt have a chance. In fighting, either fighter is one punch away from a knock out or one move from a submission. Yes, Jon jones has the advantage due to training together, and his team that has trained with him, but rashad isnt some random dude off the streets. He is extremely strong, very quick, and has great wrestling.”His chin isnt the best tho” Its going to be a great fight either way. Im calling jones via tko 4th round…

  • Both know what the other can do, and both have been busy strengthening their weaknesses in preparation for what the other will bring. But what I’m interested in seeing is who can impose their will strongly upon the other early on in the fight. How the other reacts will show the world who is full of it and who really knows what’s going on.

  • Jackson’s game plan is the same one he have Condit; put on your running shoes and go for a little 25 minute jog baby! He can’t take down what he can’t catch! And he can’t ground and pound what can’t be found!

  • Realistically, it could go either way. But I hope out goes the way Suga tells it.

  • I’ll put 5 bucks on Rashad in a friendly wager. And I never gamble. But just too get you to shut up about Rashad fans not wanting to bet you. No rounds to pick…. Just straight win or lose. Happy now? I think Suga will take this fight.

    Well Mike? Hit my wall if you decide to take it.

  • Haha. As frustrating as that is, you got a great point man. I think you’re spot on. Nobody shoot me, but like I said before, this makes me wanna see Rashad lay and pray JBJ w/ points, and serve Jackson and his camp a dose of their own medicine.

  • That’s kind of the way I feel about Jackson and his camp. I wasn’t a big Rashad fan until after he left them. Don’t get me wrong, his stable of fighters are some of the best in the world; but they are also lost in their own cloud of hype.

  • Machida caught him on the outside?