Ed Soares runs into Chris Weidman, the two exchange words regarding title bout


With both Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans out of the Anderson Silva sweepstakes, it looks like consensus middleweight #1 contender Chris Weidman, has been doing whatever he can to get this deal done and have his opponent put pen to paper.

Meeting with Dana to tell him how badly he wanted a title shot and how confident he was that he would win, didn’t seem to be enough. Tweeting both the UFC bosses and the middleweight champion himself, directly after Rashad’s loss, also didn’t seem to be enough.

So where do you take it from there exactly? You harass the champions manager in hopes that he feels compelled to make the fight happen. Ironically enough Ed Soares happened to run into Weidman in Chicago recently and had the following to say regarding the brief exchange:

Chris Weidman, I saw him in Chicago last Saturday and he was driving me crazy! He kept asking me, ‘Hey, let’s make that fight happen!’ He’s very confident and he’s a good fighter and we’ll see what happens. At the end of the day, we don’t pick our opponents. A lot of times people want to say, ‘Oh Ed, you picked that!’ People ask for my opinion and I give my opinion. Chris Weidman? If he’s next, the UFC will make that fight happen. Hopefully, we’ll see him in Brazil.”

With few other options left, I find it hard to believe that we’ll be seeing anyone else fighting Silva next. But until we hear it from Dana White himself, it’s best not to get our hopes up, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned writing, reading and documenting what goes on in this industry, it’s that absolutely anything can happen.

  • I don't see any better matchups on the horizon except Vitor and he already had one chance. I say Weidman for sure, both are ready…IT'S TIIIMMMEEEE!!!.Lets Get it On!!!!!!!

    • silva will destroy another "great white hype"
      hurry up and get this fight over with before gsp can find another excuse.

      • Well said, Onemoreround. Weidman will be added to Silva's highlight reel pretty soon. Perhaps a knee to the liver might just do it for him.

      • Zip

        Really OMR? I gave you the benefit of the doubt dude. What the hell does race have to do with any of this? Isn't the best thing about MMA is that it's race free, a treat in this day and age. It's about courage, camaraderie, and most of all fighting. Leave race out of it dipshit. Yes, GSP is the second or third best fighter on the planet, despite his skin color. What's wrong with you?

        • @ Zip, i guess i should explain myself. race doesnt matter in ANYTHING in life. but in my experience as a anderson silva fan alot of his critics are always talking about this "great hope"

          a person that will come in and "expose" and "destroy" anderson silva. and it reminds me alot of the JACK JOHNSON days when they were scrambling looking for a fighter that can finally beat him. ex marquardt, chael, lutter, hendo and now weidman is here to replace that "hope" that all silva haters crave for

          • Zip


            I appreciate that. However, Jack Johnson, different era, different time, and that's what makes MMA so special. Anderson Silva is the number one fighter on the planet, period. His striking is second to none. I, for one, do not dispute that, despite my skin color. Not looking for any "great hope", just looking for great fights 🙂

          • @Zip:

            I wish there were more people like you in the US. You've earned some respect from me, Zip.

          • Zip

            I'm humbled. Thank you, my friend 🙂

          • @Zip

            same here, i was just using that analogy because "the great white hype" was the parody of the jack johnson days. looking back at it should of used a different one.

            btw check out the link on the main wall, its an up to date highlight reel.

          • Zip

            I understand, thanks for the link 🙂

          • Anderson Fan?!? Don't mean you mean NUT HUGGER?!? You have more wet dreams about Silva than a high school full of horny teenage virgin boys!!!

            I laugh how you say GSP's excuse ….. Silva challenged GSP, so how is it that GSP needs to move up & fight a guy who called him out?!? Yeah that makes a lot of sense nut hugger, I beleive BJ called GSP out & went to him, yet Silva calls a much smaller WW out & then expects him to gain weight & fight for the 1st time @ MW, while Silva has fought @ 168lbs before?!? How about getting off of Silvas nuts, & maybe you'll be able to think more clearly ….. maybe not.

            GSP said he'd have no problem fighting Silva @ WW, apparently Silva's too scared to make the weight & fight the guy he called out @ his weight division. Who's fault & full of excuses now?!? Thats what I thought, see what happens when you take Silvas nuts out of your mouth, reality & common sense kick in. Welcome to reality, you idiot!

          • Here's an example of why some people shouldn't talk.

      • dis tym for sure, anderson will get an asswhipping from a younger and hungrier fighter. i think anderson should get another manager, a brave one.

      • I read the great white hype as a logical reference, not some negative racial term.
        A lot of people just want to see Anderson lose, period.
        Right now Weidman is the one theyre looking at to get it done but hes not nearly the first.

  • This fight needs to happen. If anderson does'nt fight Jones or GSP next then Weidman is the only reasonable choice, unless Hendricks decides to move up to middleweight and get an immediate title shot, then that would make sense. seriously though weidman is a specimen at 185, and although the ufc doesnt consider his name that "marketable" , he's the only guy at middleweight that id like to see challenge The Great Spider Goat.

  • Weidman is on life support right about now, so sooner or later Silva will put him out of his misery like the rest of them.

    • weidman asked for it……. but seriously getting made look like an amateur by the spider is an honor

      • Talk is cheap. Weidman will learn that very soon a la Chael Sonnen.

        • anderson is too fluid, and is like a fly lol he sees punches coming a mile away. he reminds me of mr.anderson from the matrix in the way he dodges punches by just standing their flat on his feet.

          if you look as his previous fights i think his style has matured and is more dangerous now than ever.

          • yeah he was very fluid getting dominated for 25 minutes having his head smashed off the floor repeatedly each round. He is a great fighter but you talk about the great white hype well Silva is the most overhyped fighter in the history of the sport. His striking is the best but that's about it. he has a solid Jitz game off his back but fights has beens and bums compared to other champions. GSP achieved more in his last fight against Condit than Silva achieved in his last 10.

          • GSP hasn't even won a fight in a while. He has merely out pointed a sports match. Anderson has stopped his opponents to actually win a fight. GSP is by far a more over hyped FIGHTER as he is in reality a full contact athlete. I found his last fight pretty good to be honest but Silvas style would have ended Condits style in a bout 20 heartbeats.

          • I sharped myself. Sorry, a little bit of a low point in my life. Who am I?

          • Silva finishes people. GSP dominates people.

          • I agree, but finishing is the only real win. Domination is great and shows good athletics but is not really defeating your opponent, just out pointing them.

          • Well, that's one way to look at it.

          • I would however say that domination is certainly weighing on the side of the dominator for who will likely win. But it's happened many times that the dominators in fights get caught eventually by a an exhausted but slicker fighter.

          • Very true. But finishers sure do get caught by lesser fighters from time to time also.

          • I agree, but the finish is the real win in a fight so being beaten once in a while as a finisher is better than being beaten once in a while by a decisioner. One is based on overall performance over time and one has no need to have judges involved.

        • Didn't Sonnen win 6 of 7 roudns vs. Silva?!? Also, didn't Silva hold on to Sonnens shorts for dear life for 10-15 secs so that he didnt get taken down, right before he TKO'd Sonnen?!? Sure Silva won, but EVERYONE expected Silva to do it in the 1st round of the 1st fight, with noone even thinking of a rematch!

          I think Weidman could give Silva trouble, if Sonnen did, Weidman is a bigger, stronger & better Sonnen with KO power. But being out for such a long time only hurts his chances, which were low to start in the 1st place.

          Do I think Weidman can beat Silva if he fought right after his last fight? Sure! Do I think Weidman's going to win? HELL NO! But there's only one way to find out! If Weidman even gives Silva half a fight (like Sonnen did) & makes it to the 3rd round or more in only his 10th fight, then I expect Weidman will be that much better after his 14 or 15th fight & the rematch could look a lot different.

          I'm going by what other fighters have said about Weidman, even Evans stated the other day that Weidman could give Silva a good fight & that Weidman would even give most LHW's a run for their money.

  • I agree this fight has to happen. He's earned it with in the division for sure. The only other matchup I am interested in would be Lombard vs Silva I just think that would be a crazy fight either way. I don't believe Lombard has earned it yet but I don't see the strikeforce champ being to relevant yet and Beflort is roided up and already got his head kicked off once.

  • Weidman will beat Silva.

    He's the only guy I've heard state it, as such. He doesn't talk about "the challenge" or "the honor", he talks about beating The Man and he means it. Chris Weidman is, probably, the best opponent, outside of Dan Henderson, that Silva will have faced in his UFC career. The guy is no joke.

    My only wish for Chris, leading into this fight, would be that he had the opportunity to do so, when he was fresh of the Munoz win. That aside, I have every confidence in CW to pull of the win. When you consider Silva's TD challenged self and Chris's remarkable domination of the former #1 contender Mark Munoz, alongside Sonnen's 6 rounds of domination of The Champ, you have to be left with the feeling that Weidman, more-than-any-other fighter before him, has the best chance of beating The Spider. Of course he may not and will not, in-all-likelihood, according to the Vegas Line, but, then again, he just may will. He's a solid fighter and a hell-of-a wrestler / ground fighter. Although I don't believe he can stand with Silva, I also, do not believe that he will be stupid enough to do so.

    If Weidman can get Silva to the ground and I believe that he can / will, then I think he can and will, finish, that which Chael Sonnen started. For those who may doubt, then simply consider Weidman's offer of an immediate re-match for Silva, should The Champ lose. To me, that speaks of eminent confidence. And it's that type of confidence, that spirit, which will be require of any fighter, who chooses to take on and inevitably beat, Anderson Silva.

    • Haha haha in my Tito Ortiz' voice.

    • @MMA truth….Anderson has a long 25 minutes to find a way to win that fight….Fight will depend on whether Chris W's ground n pound will be vicious enough to get a stoppage. If Chris misses some take downs he is going to pay for it in the clinch. But I agree with you on his positivity in wanting the fight. Some many guys like you said worship Silva like a god.

      • enjoy- If he's on the ground for that long with Anderson he'll get a choke. Anderson will open up and not understand what kind of grappler he's dealing with there.

  • @OMR. only a racist spit and instigate racism..!! my fav fiter Fedor (Agressn),GSP(sticking to game plane),Jones(unpredictble),Edson barboza(sick Muay thai), Sakuraba (hunt the Gracies)..see it has nuthng to do with race

    • i agree thats why i took back my comment. and yes my favorite fighters of all time

      matt hughes, cro cop, wanderlai, hendo, pedro rizzo, arlovski, sakuraba. aldo, silva spider, rennan barao, lidell, jon jones, cain velasquez

      • and big nog and el guapo 🙂

      • @ OMR

        You're so 1.0.

      • Taking back your comment due to public criticism doesn't necessarily change the way you perceive others, just saying 8(

        • @ Entity

          Given your schizophrenia, I have a question. Are you posting to yourself or yourselves? It's hard to tell.

      • Michael I wouldn't worry about OMCP he fantasises about Silva getting him full mount with his 'Jedi' light sabre up his ass.

  • hopefully we'll see him in brazil? fuck that and fuck the GSP situation. its bullshit him and anderson constantly get to fight on home turf

  • Weidman vs Belfort for #1 contender

    • Belfort a roiding motherfucker should be banned IMO. He's failed in the past and now he taking HRT he looked more at home in a Mr Universe competition than a MMA fight against Belfort. He may have cycled within tolerance but he's a cheating mother who lost any respect I had for him.

  • Dont like this match up for Silva…..have a bad felling about this one….he has faced great wrestlers before but none with submissions skills like this one…..bad recipe….

  • If you guys could hear yourselves man….lol…first off…we ALL have our favourite fighters and the ones we couldn't care too much for….as well as a few we'd all like to see get KTFO….but you can still have a favourite fighter and view their work objectively….I actually like AS…never used to but he is a classy, respectful guy and he IS, no two ways about it, the best P4P fighter in MMA right now……hasn't lost ONE fight in the UFC yet and has consistently beat the best fighters in the world…..also like ANY fighter….he CAN be beat…but by whom and when is the question…..not any time soon IMO….Weidman IS the currently the best option I think and he is a good fighter….GREAT….no…we haven't seen him face anyone of any 'real' relevance yet IMO but who knows….this could be his shot….his chance to prove just how good he is…..come on guys…this is MMA and we all know anything CAN happen…. Do I think he'll beat Silva….no I don't….personally I don't think it will be even close but give him his shot I say….let him show what he can do…..