Daniel Cormier: I Deserve A Title Shot, But I’ll Fight Again If I Have To


UFC 173 went down last night in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was as shocking, as it was absolutely awesome. T.J Dillashaw stole the limelight, beasting the (now) former champion Renan Barao, and ending his epic win streak with a fifth round TKO. Another top performance from last night’s card was Daniel Cormier’s third round submission win over Dan Henderson.

The win puts DC within touching distance of a title shot, although Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson have unfinished business in the meantime. Targeted for UFC 177, the light-heavyweight kingpin ‘Bones’ will have to go up against the only man to ever really push him inside the cage. Check out what Cormier had to say about the rematch, during last night’s post fight presser:

‘That’s a tough hill to climb man, I’d have to put in my best performance. I think that styles make fights, and I think that I match up well with him. We haven’t really seen him on his back for extended periods of time. I want to be the champion, that’s really why I started fighting. It means something to beat Jon Jones. Gustafsson is a great fighter, but it really means something to beat Jones. I’ve earned a title shot, I’m undefeated, I haven’t lost a round, and I haven’t lost a fight. I was the Strikeforce grand prix champion.’

 Cormier’s second win in the light-heavyweight division marks his fifteenth overall, and Dan Henderson is an impressive name to have on your win column. In regards to a title shot, Cormier makes no bones about his intentions, but is also willing to fight again:

‘I just believe in my skill, it’s my sport. Jon Jones is a great champion, he has defended that title more times than anyone else; just like Anderson Silva, and I think these guys deserve a rematch. I’m not opposed to fighting again (if Jones loses and gets a rematch with Gustafsson), I think I deserve a title shot. I’ll talk to Dana, and if we come up with something good I’ll fight again. I’m better than all these guys and I believe I can beat them all.’

Clearly Cormier has the confidence of a champion, and I respect his willingness to once again prove he is worthy of a title shot. The former NCAA wrestling monster has been gunning for a fight with Jones for a long time now, and it would seem that fight will be a reality should ‘Bones’ beat Gus for a second time. Is DC setting himself up for a short fall by being such a company man, or is he right to believe in his abilities that much?

  • DC is an animal if he started MMA early he would be champ and top 5 P4P easy however you can tell his striking isnt elite atleast not on jones Gus level yet, and his BJJ is verryyy amature. he passed up 3 easy mounts couple armbars and didnt take the back when it was available until the 3rd

    • Jones striking is NOT elite… it's unorthodox and creative, coupled with his reach that gives him a great advantage, but his striking is far from elite. His game has holes the size of a wale's dick.

      Effective use of reach, speed and unpredictability can trump technique and power if the opponent does not know how to counter this type of fighter. There are several fighters that should've beat Bones but didn't cause they felt they could go in and do what they usually do. Bones is not a usual fighter, so he needs a different approach.

      I think this situation is perfect… with Bones scheduled to fight Gus, it will give Cormier 7 months to prepare for Bones (I expect it to be on the big December card unless Bones gets hurt again). It will give him time to work extensively on his BJJ. Physically Cormier looked in so much better shape then when he fought cum face… He's most likely gonna be in even better shape for his next fight. I think Cormier is not confident enough to go for certain subs, even though he probably knows the techniques. He wasn't gonna take the risk. I'm sure at some point he will just go for it and really commit to them. Clearly his main focus was to control Dan on the ground.

  • Jones must be pissing his pants right now… he will be on his back the entire fight. DC looks SOOOOOO heavy in every top position. He made Hendo look like he had a few months of strip mall BJJ- an OLYMPIC level wrestler! Jones has that long and thin frame that will make cross side and half guard top position an absolute joy for DC, lol. Jones will be TKO'd in round 3. Jones' superb striking will disappear, just like Dan's H bomb did, when he's constantly worrying about DC's take downs. DC can take anyone down and in the stand up he rag-dolls superb clinch gamers….Bones better make whatever $$ he can from endorsements, etc b/c his time is over. DC is a monster HW in the body of a LHW. Good luck, Johnny boy, ha ha.

  • wonderful berformance of Cormier.
    total domination!!!
    cant wait to see him beat the shit out of jones sorry azz…

  • Even conceding that he's the biggest threat for Jones, even if he were to be considered a favorite coming into a fight with Jones tomorrow, that shouldn't be what warrants title shots in a legitimate sport. This guy at LEAST needs one more fight. He didn't beat top contenders in either of his weights. Dana wanted to give him an automatic shot when he dropped. Then he wanted to give him the shot after beating the barista. Then Cormier stated he was willing to wait for a title shot after beating the legend Hendo (a half century old middleweight whose recent three fight win streak was rebounded with a victory over the last guy he beat, getting beaten badly during the first two rounds). Now that's no offense to Hendo, but if anyone was outside of title consideration, it was him. Why does DC "deserve" a title shot right now?