Dan Henderson thinks Anderson Silva is manipulating the UFC, says he should fight Luke Rockhold


Dan Henderson recently sat down with mmainterviews.tv to share his thoughts on a few things, with the main focus of the interview centering around Anderson Silva, Hendo had some rather interesting things to say regarding how he feels about the champion, his legacy and who he would like to see him fight next.
You can view the interview here. Be sure to let us know what you think of Hendo’s thoughts in the comments below.

I think Anderson, for the last five years, has tried, tried to pick and choose who he fights and manipulates the UFC a little bit. You know, he didn’t want to fight Chael again, after the first time. Obviously, he did after a while. You know he didn’t want to fight me again. He kind of tries to stay away from guys that are dangerous or have a dangerous style for him, especially because he’s looking toward the end of his career and he wants to retire without losing again. It’s not necessarily how a champ should be, but at the same time, he’s trying to be smart about things. It’s all debatable.

He’s probably the only guy I would drop for, but I think that I’m very comfortable at 205, and there’s plenty of guys for me to fight there. We’ll see what happens in the future, but yeah, I don’t plan on losing it at 205 at all.

I would like to see Luke Rockhold fight Anderson. I’d like to see that fight. Luke’s a good wrestler and he’s decent enough on his feet where he’s not going to get picked apart by Anderson without really making Anderson know that he’s in a fight.

  • But Dan, you're on TRT. Isn't that manipulating?

    • Oh Dan… You should be one to talk about manipulation. Don't think we forgot about what happened with the knee injury that you knew about for weeks and were nice enough not to mention until a week before the event.

    • Let's not get in to how many months it's been since you fought Dan

    • Yea anderson silva is DEFINITELY dodging luke rockhold now.

  • I have all the respect in the world for Dan but he seems to have never gotten over being embarrassed by Anderson, not in a personal sense but in a competitive mind sense.

    He didn't want to fight Chael again? His most hyped fight and he ends up having Chael in the fetal position with Yves Lavigne pulling him off Sonnen.

    No offense but after the first fight why would he be scared to fight you again Dan?
    You were suppose to be his biggest challenger and you held him down for the first round, landed a few H-bombs that didn't bother Silva and ended up getting dropped and almost TKO'd before getting submitted.

    Again, big fan of Hendo but just annoys me all these fighters, especially guys like Chael, Hendo and Vitor who say Anderson is scared to rematch them when he has already finished them and most times in spectacular fashion.

    • Well said, KF, well said! Poor Dan, it looks TRT has completely taken possession of his body. It's personal, Dan, it's just business. A.S is a profesional.

  • Just by Hendo saying what he said is a form of manipulation, I used to like Hendo but he is starting to get weird…too much TRT, maybe?

  • Stays away from guys who are dangerous for him??
    Whats Dan talking about, probably half his ufc fights are against wrestlers or grapplers.
    And no Luke Rockhold is not good enough on his feet against Anderson.

    • It wasn't Dan talking, it was his TRT shots. Like coke, TRT is hell of a drug.

  • Well, I can't believe I'm going to defend the douche here, but:

    -Anderson didn't want to fight Chael or Hendo again. Henderson, I agreed with not fighting again. Anderson dominated him after a close first round where Hendo stayed close on the ground. Chael was a different story, he dominated Anderson over 4.5 rounds, and Anderson showed real heart to survive it. However, he really did every thing he could to discredit Sonnen and not fight him again. That's why Sonnen fought Stann and Bisping before getting the rematch. The outcome makes no difference of those factors.

    -Anderson is still doing it. Anything that can be said in a negative light about Weidman in the media, Munoz was injured or not that good, nobody knows Chris Weidman, he hasn't beaten any top contenders (which is about as blatant a lie as there gets), has been leaked or said flatly by Ed Soares.

    But no, Luke Rockhold isn't the man to take on Anderson. Weidman or Jacare would each pose incredibly tough stylistic matches for Anderson. However, I wouldn't mind Luke getting the shot after Chris (if Chris loses).

    • Word.

      • UDG, you might be on something as well. Above you flamed Dan, then 2 posts down you agree with Evan, just saying, stick to your guns and make a decision.

    • Weidman will beat Silva.

  • I am sick and tired of Anderson's bullshit pardon the language but he honestly fights barely more than once a year and is showing no respect, to the top contenders in his division (Weidman). I don't care if hes not that well know if hes the one number contender you fight him, pisses me off when a guy works hard to get up the ladder and then is told hey sorry but your not a big enough name yet
    BTW use to be a Anderson fan but starting to really dislike him as time goes on

    • And Dan Henderson hasnt fought in 15 months…

      • because he was inured you dumb shit and plus he isn't that young either and last point if he had the belt i am pretty sure he would definitely be fighting more than Anderson in a year

        • Even if Dan fought on the date he was supposed to that was 10 months, which was approximately the same amount of time of Andersons longest time off since he joined the UFC (Okami-Chael). Which, btw, the only reason that was so long was because Silva was injured too. (Note how I didn't insert random insult, even though you deserve one in response =)

          BTW, you should check the stats before making claims. Dans only fought about twice a year since joining the UFC in 2007. Dan had 11 fights since 2007. Silva had 14 since 2007. Silva fights more than him WITH the belt!!!

          The end of ur comment don't even make sense. If Dan had the belt he would have still went 10 months without fighting. He was injured, remember?

          • Well i apologize for the insult it was childish of me and since you clearly brought out stats that i had not checked for myself, you are right but what i really meant to say was that Dan is quite a bit older than Anderson and hence is more serving of taking time off if any and i just actually wished that Anderson fought more in a year like Jones and Ben Henderson

  • Do you want to know why the goat manipulates theUFC: because he can bitch!!

  • I respect Anderson as the incredible fighter that he is, but I have a hard time respecting his "Championship". I believe he's very leery of putting his belt and more importantly his legacy / win streak on the line, against any serious contenders. The only saving grace in his favor is that the division, at least up until recently, has been devoid of any solid challengers. We can't blame Anderson for the lack of talent in 185.

    However, that has started to change and more importantly, there are few places for Anderson to hide given the fast approaching calendar date of the (one year) anniversary of his last title defense @ 185.

    And the only person who deserves or has earned that fight, is Chris Weidman.

    I have all the faith in the world that Chris will be the most solid challenge Anderson will have faced, in The UFC. I believe he will beat Silva. And I think Anderson knows that Weidman will not be the usual, run-of-the-mill, slap him around, make him look like a fool, cash your check and take the belt back home….fight. I think he knows he's going to have to come prepared for this dude, because this guy, if he gets Silva down…it will not go the same way it did in the Sonnen fight. Chris has way more tools and better cardio than Sonnen and he's easily as good a wrestler and as strong.

    Luke Rockhold is no where on my radar for fighting Anderson Silva. At least not right now.

    • I'm honestly more interested in Silva having some superfights while he's still able, rather than more MW championship defenses against people who haven't yet reached such a high caliber.

      He has been somewhat open to both GSP and Jones. which lets face it, are much bigger fights people have been talking about for years.

      • @ Spy

        You are entitled to your interests. However, I'd like to see him defend his belt. If all we have regarding Silva are super-fights, then he should state so and relinquish the belt. He can't have his cake-and-eat-it-too. He cannot, both, chase super fights and hold the belt, while not defending it.

        For me, he's become too much the diva. All this picking and choosing, saying who is and isn't worthy, everything on his schedule, The Management having to deal with a "process" when dealing with him. It's al a little too much ego and favoritism for me.

        He's a great fighter, but only one of many. He has to do a better job of defending The Title and less time worry about super-fights that may never happen and telling us which fighters have enough Twitter followers, to be worthy of his time.

        You as a Silva fan might be fine with all this, but most of the rest of us are not. He fights so little that he's losing his cache. Someone should tell him.

        • We are all entitled to our interests.

          And he has stated multiple times he has considered giving up the belt. It's became pretty apparent by both his and Dana's comments that they are waiting to see what goes on with GSP and Jones before making any sudden moves.

          No need to get worked up when he has until July to defend the belt, People are acting like he went over a year w/o fighting already.

          Also he can't pick and choose his fights lol. He didn't even want to fight Sonnen but it happened. Even during the interviews where Soares mentioned other fighters, like Cung Le, he said specifically during that interview they will fight whoever, he just thought Le would be a "fun fight to see".

          And as I mentioned in this topic, he has a lot of fights since he joined the UFC. He fought more than Dan Henderson, GSP, and basically every other champion except Jones. He has had just as many fights as JDS since 2007. He has had more fights than Cain Velasquez.

          How come fighting more than any other champion isn't enough? What's up with people acting like he sits around picking his opponents when he has finished off every top contender that came around and fought more consistently than at least 80% of the UFC?

      • GSP vs. Silva would be big, but they can't agree on a weight.

        Silva has flirted with the idea of facing Jones. He's never said "I want to fight Jones next." He's also treated it like a last resort type of situation