Cerrone: B**ch **s Anthony Pettis should stop hiding behind his shoulder injury


Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Melvin Guillard are set to face each other on August 11 in the co-main event for UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar in Denver, Colorado. The two trained together and became close friends while at Team Jackson-Winkeljohn in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but their friendship has nothing to do with Cerrone’s plans come fight night.

“I plan to win!”, Cowboy told Lowkick.com in an interview this morning, “I will fight him and yes, he is my brother, but I want to get paid and I will go through anyone they set before me.”

As a former cow-puncher, myself, I asked him if he gave any more thought to bull riding: “I have not done it in a few years, but I love it and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

When asked how he felt about being on the main card of UFC 150, a milestone event for the promotion, but also one that is in Cerrone’s back yard, the Lightweight fighter was emphatic: “It is a dream come true. I can’t wait to fight in front of my hometown fans.”

Cerrone has been wanting to appear on this card since it was announced and the Colorado native let his intentions be known after his win at UFC on Fuel TV 3: “I want to get on that Denver card. I don’t care who I fight. It feels good coming off that last loss.”

He was serious about that and moved his camp to a ranch in the towwn of Vail, Colorado: “My training is going perfect. I stay ready so I can fight on any notice. This camp I trained in this time was at 9,000 feet because it has more altitude than Denver.  Denver will feel easy compared to the hell I am going through now.”

As one of the more popular fighters in the UFC who always brings a lot of excitement to the Octagon, Cerrone says: “It is in my blood. I don’t back down from anybody and that naturally leads to entertaining fights.”

Most fighters tend to not look past their next fight, but when asked who he was gunning for next, one name immediately jumped to the forefront: “Anthony Pettis’ bitch ass! Anthony, quit hiding behind your sore shoulder and come to the dance.”

In closing, Cerrone gave thanks to his sponsors and management and training teams: “I want to thank my core sponsors at MusclePharm, BodyBuilding.com and SafeAuto Insurance.  I also need to thank my team at Jackson/Winkeljohn’s MMA, as well as my sports management team at VFD Sports Marketing.”

Donald Cerrone is currently 18-4 in his Mixed Martial Arts career, 5-1 inside the Octagon. Cowboy bounced back from defeat to Nate Diaz with a convincing performance against Jeremy Stephens at UFC on Fuel TV 3. Victory over Melvin Guillard will put Cerrone back in the mix for a shot at the UFC Lightweight title, or at least en route to the previously-discussed bout with Anthony Pettis. Back in May, Anthony Pettis’ manager, Mike Roberts, told MMAFighting.com that Nate Diaz is the first option for Anthony Pettis, despite countless call-outs from Donald Cerrone. Pettis is now “nearly 100% fight-fit”, with sights on October return against a Top 5 contender.

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  • The depth in the Lightweight Division is amazing cant wait to see frankie fight hopefully the winner gets Diaz thatd be awesome

  • I don’t know if he really wants to dance with Pettis.. Cerrone is tough but Pettis will destroy him. Shit i don’t see him beating Guillard either unless he gets him to the ground and manages to KEEP him there and i don’t think he can. I think Guillard is a lil too explosive to be kept down by Cerrone. Anyway, great matchup!

  • I can get where Cerrone is coming from, while Cerrone has already fought 6 times in the UFC and has only been beaten once (by current #1 contender who looks amazing).
    In all of Cerrone’s UFC wins he has looked like a beast, stopping 3 via brilliant finishes. Even though all that he still isn’t mentioned as one of the top 3 or so guys in the mix.

    Pettis has only fought 3 times in the UFC and let’s be honest, he didn’t look anything special in his first 2 fights – a UD loss and a SD win (both guys who are only losing streaks now). After that he came out with a quick head kick KO, it was brilliant but that one KO alone doesn’t put him a the top of the heap like he claims it should.

    Pettis needs to put in the work like Cerrone has and get a few more impressive wins, rather than just one and expect a title shot.


  • But before that he did beat the current champ. The Guida fight was crap btw. On paper I think Pettis beats Cowboy everywhere in that cage besides wrestling. It’s pretty close in all areas though.

  • if Cerrone sticks to the game plan he could be champ. he kind of lost the plot against diaz!

  • cerrone got his ass whooped by diaz i called him gettin beat in every area…..and the same goes for pettis ….anthony is #1 in the world he beat the shit outa benson

  • i hate donald cerrone i hope guillard puts him to bed in the sickest way televsion has ever seen

  • pettis will destroy him but guillard is 50 / 50 if he get taken down he gona lose but i hope he shut cerrone up like nate didnt already

  • Cerrone has 5 wins in the UFC. 2 are to guys now outside of the promotion (kelly and Rocha), and 2 are now fighting at FW (Oliveira and Siver). His best win was Stephens (great win over an underrated guy, but a guy Pettis beat also), and the best guy he fought his Diaz by far (who he was demolished by).

    Pettis has only fought 3 times, and is 2-1. His win over Lauzon is the best out of him or Cerrone inside the UFC because of who Lauzon just beat before they fought (Guillard when he was looking like a title challenger). He also holds a decisive victory over the current champ.

    Cerrone is in the territory Jim Miller was a little while back. A bunch of wins over (insert decent but not great fighter here), and looking horrible against the only top combatant he faced.

    BTW: Lauzon’s only lost his last fight. That’s hardly a streak.

  • as much as i would love to see that fight happen
    Cerrone vs Pettis i really wish their paths don’t cross
    unless it is for a title fight
    But still Pettis and Cerrone are 2 of my favorites idols
    i would have a hard time picking one to win

    But i’ll say Pettis 60% – Cerrone 40%
    those along with Bendo , Diaz and Frankie are by far the best Lightweights in the world

    and on my idols ranks there are at the very top
    along with GSP and Shogun and even higher than Aldo and Hendo

    Let Pettis fight Diaz and the winner gets the Winner of Frankie vs Bendo, and Cerrone well after he beats Melvin lets figure out who’s next for the No. 1 contender for him

    i would hate to be Joe Silva and try to set up the Lightweights
    cvuz is pure talent that division

  • Lightweight is the deepest division.

  • Pettis humiliated Benson with that showtime kick. Bad. And then won the decision. **** that statement of yours.

  • I agree Lauzon is the est win out of them but Cerrone’s win over Stephens was far better than Anthony’s. Pettis made it a wrestling match with Stephens who is known for his hands and it was a controversial fight to be fair. Cerrone picked Jeremy apart in his strongest area, with a dominating win.

    I think Cerrone’s résumé is definitely stronger than Pettis’ at the moment even with the Lauzon KO.

    I wouldn’t say his win over Benson was decisive, I would give him the win but it was a hell of a close fight.

    I meant Guida and Stephens are both on two fight losing streaks now.

  • oh yeah this the cerrone i like!

  • DG1

    No can good fight Cerone *facepolm*

  • Cerrone has great take down defense. He’s an excellent striker/kick-boxer, and his submission game is outstanding. He’s one of very few guys with actual Muay Thai skills. Comes at you from all angles, faints well, great head movement, and good foot work. Cowboy just like The Young Assassin can be very explosive. Melvin is powerful a great striker with heavy hands. He’s an excellent wrestler. Did I mention his heavy heavy hands. He’s got submission skills but as with most guys with heavy hands you never get to see them. On paper Melvin looks like the better fighter by just a bit but, we all know paper doesn’t always tell the whole story. I think if Cerrone can keep his balance and keep Melvin at a distance he should be able to win this fight. Love how Melvin looks since hooking up with the Blackzilians. Cowboy over The Young Assassin Split decision. Why he’s thinking about Pettis before he gets through Guillard is beyond me. Kind of stupid on his part.

  • Are you nuts? Pettis on paper. Can you read and write? Try checking the stats before you write something like that down dude Pettis on paper can’t touch Cerrone. Would be a good fight though.

  • Pettis didn’t win that fight. Nobody wants to say it cause it was such a great moment but he didn’t win that fight. It was a great fight. Pettis is a great athlete. The judges just like everyone else got caught up in that great moment. Pettis didn’t beat Ben Henderson. He gave us a great moment. I love Pettis’s fearlessness and athleticism but Henderson got robbed by that great moment.

  • Pettis won that fight decisively. He stopped takedowns, and by the 4th and 5th rounds made Ben pay with knees each time he shot. Ben had absolutely nothing for Pettis on the feet.

    It wasn’t even as close as some people try to make it. Pettis won 4 rounds, and was winning the 5th before the kick even landed.

  • Pettis isn’t the one that turned it into a wrestling match though. Stephens actually started with the takedowns in the first, but Pettis counteracted them from there on out and actually wrestled better.

    Cerrrone’s resume is filled more, but stronger definitely doesn’t describe it. Pettis’ win over Ben makes it better. It’s not by much though.

    Anthony’s win over Ben was decisive. It would have been an absolute robbery if Ben won, and that was the case even before the kick.

  • Yeah Cerrone, that’s what Pettis is doing…..hiding. Focus on your upcoming fight, dipsh*t.

    Too funny.

  • Pettis’ MMA resume is a lot better but I was meaning he Cowboy’s UFC resume is better and that is what really only matters to the UFC big boys

  • No. It’s the other way around. Pettis will get outclassed by Cerrone as far as stiking goes; Pettis wasn’t getting the better of Stephens in the striking area, not like Cerrone did. Cerrone would treat Pettis like he treated Oliviera–beat the poop out of him. Cerrone’s resume is more impressive in the sense that when he won he did it in impressive fashion.
    Pettis’s little moments have carried him far but honestly I don’t see him touching Cerrone, Diaz, Henderson, Maynard, or Edgar. He took a close decision with Ben, who has looked exponentially better since. A rematch with Ben would end differently, but not in Pettis’s favor. He got controlled and nullified against Guida, barely got by Stephens and landed a nice kick against a dumb Lauzon. I still don’t see how people can bring him up as a #1 contender! I think Varner would finish Pettis.
    Too much hype for a fancy move. If they do end up meeting in the cage, Cerrone destroys Pettis simply because he’s a better fighter.