Conor McGregor Proclaims He’ll Make Much More Than $75 Million For Mayweather Fight


After months and months of speculation, yesterday UFC President Dana White gave us what may have been the most concrete evidence that the long-rumored boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather was going to happen.

White revealed McGregor would make $75 million and Mayweather would still out-earn”The Notorious” at ‘$100-plus million,’ and not surprisingly, the Irish superstar had a response to those estimations. McGregor took to his official Instagram account to reveal he would actually be making over $100 million himself thanks to his side ventures:

And you’d probably find it hard to argue with “The Notorious on this one, as his endorsements and other money-making aspects would most likely push him well past the $100 million mark for a fight that could certainly be billed as the biggest combat sporting events of all-time (at least the most current one).

White claims negotiations are only ‘a few days’ away from being finalized, but he may not like what he’s asking for, because the landscape is hard to envision McGregor returning to the UFC for his normal paycheck after fighting Mayweather for the most lucrative payday a UFC fighter has ever earned.

That’s not going to excite the MMA fans looking for him to make his first-ever title defense.

  • FlawlessVictor

    “Fresh cvnt”

  • FlawlessVictor

    McGregor and his wild claims! 28 yrs of age is hardly fresh.

  • Murderous1

    Lot of money to eat straight rights talk trash and eat more for 12 rounds not a bad deal

  • Wabbit

    Justin Bieber is worth $225 million, and also another complete plum… life is strange.

  • buddy

    Under which rules straight boxing? or modified? Any modification tips the outcome more to Connors’s favour. Small gloves-check, Leg kicks- check, cage not ring- check, clinch fighting allowed -check, Hurling rules-check lol