Coach: Jon Jones Eye Pokes Are ‘Motherf***er To Deal With’


UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is often the recipient of rather bad press, whether it’s his notorious social media trolls, or media day brawls; there always seems to be some negative media attention focused on “Bones”, but that isn’t a bad thing for the young champ, indeed Jones plays up to the role of heel, although some might say too well.

The latest in the endless line of Jones’ critics is American Kickboxing Academy coach Javier Mendez. The former kickboxing champion, and current coach of Luke Rockhold, Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier, says to Submission Radio that Jones’ eye pokes are a serious issue:

“He sticks out (his fingers) all the time. Instead of closing his fist he opens up his finger and that’s a motherfucker to deal with you know. Because fighters have to deal with being poked in the eyes running into that all the time, so that’s a major issue for me. If Jones has time, I hope he can practice closing his hand when he sticks it out. It’s ok to measure a fighter, but it’s not ok to stick your hands out open like he does all the time. And you watch you watch all of his fights, he does it in every freakin fight, it’s just unbelievable how many times he does it.”

When questioned about the eye poking, the champion has said repeatedly that it is not intentional. The problem is that the pokes are occurring in every fight, yet nothing has been done to try and prevent or mitigate the infraction/ Mendez continues:

“That’s a very dangerous tool. I think he should be warned before the fight, I think he should be warned during the fight, and I think he should get points taken away if he continues to do it, because you know, I’ve even seen John McCarthy warn him about ‘don’t open your hands, don’t open your hands!’ But he’s not been warned enough. He does it way more than I’ve seen anybody ever do. I personally feel he’s such a great fighter, he is pound of pound the best fighter in the world, why does he need to do it? He doesn’t need to do that, and he says it’s an old habit and it’s not intentional, well I believe him, but please work on it. Please work on correcting that. Because you know, I would hate a fight of this magnitude to be ended because of an accidental eye poke, and because he has the habit of doing that. That would be ridiculous.”

It truly would be a very anticlimactic moment if a fight was finished by an inadvertent (or otherwise) eye poke by the champion. Furthermore, if Jones had been warned enough, could this be considered a point deductible foul? If so, surely a DQ would be used if he is deemed to be doing it on purpose?

Old habit or not, Bones’ eye pokes need to become a thing of the past. At the very least, “DC” and his buddies down at AKA have been doing some grest work in anticipation of the fight with “Bones”, check it out:

  • Take away a point after first warning should do the trick. MENDEZ is being pc her because most feel the eye pokes are on purpose and rightfully so.

    Do Phil Davis belong to AKA? Damn what a camp.

    • the best solution would be that poky bones should be obligated to use Boxer gloves…

  • 2 points:

    Imagine if each of the hands out / eye pokes was a stiff jab. Damn Jon – fix that – to everyone's advantage including yours!

    That video was hilarious. If DC puts his hand up like that during the fight with Jones I will we my pants!

  • Yeah that would hurt like fuck, DC shud just pull a Kongo and get him right back ahaha "cup check Kongo" did not let that shit slide

  • Eye pokes are a major problem in the entire UFC. Jon is not intentionally trying to poke his opponents in the eye but whether its intentional or unintentional its still extremely dangerous and must be fixed. There's four 6'3 and above guys at my gym that use the same sort of pawing technique to judge distance, because we use MMA gloves with covered fingers I have never been poked in the eye. That is the big factor. The gloves. If the UFC and MMA in general had a MMA glove with covered fingers that you can still grapple with NOT A SINGLE person would get poked in the eye, so instead of focusing all the hate towards Jon, lets look at the big picture and stop the problem from where it starts.

    • If your going to click weak, how about you grow some balls and write a reply.

      • you need to stop denying that you constantly defend Jones man. you are too much of a fan to see this clearly. I can't remember a single Jones article on this site where you didn't freak out on anyone who says anything negative about Jones. I'm not trying to get you to stop doing it, that's your deal. Just stop denying that you defend him unconditionally.

        • You cannot deny the fact that people talk shit and hate on Jones every chance they get. I have never once denied the fact that I defend Jones, I do understand that I comment on a lot of Jon Jones related articles but so what, what the hell are the comments sections for?? If and when Jon does something completely wrong and is 100% in the wrong, i'll admit it and i will not defend him. You also cannot deny the fact that eye pokes are a major problem in MMA, so that is the point I was making. How have I "freaked out" on someone hating on Jones? I am providing factual evidence for any arguments that will take place, I have on other post but not this one. I also mean, intentionally attacking someone for no reason or 'freaking out".

          • Well your "facts" aren't always facts. They are more, how should I put it? A figment of your imagination??

    • Zip

      We knew you'd come slurping, Space. However, let's try something even more simple that would be 'Space proof' Let's make a rule that states one can not extend their fingers when throwing a jab, punch or when establishing their range.

      There you go. Done. Easy. (I know you're reading this for a second time, Space, so let me help. It's analogous to no head butting, pulling hair, kicking the groin or holding on to the fence. See? Simple).

      • What about the thousands of eye pokes that happen accidentally?? Most eye pokes cannot be stopped by simple having the fighters put a conscious effort into closing their hands, its a split second difference sometimes, eye pokes can happen in a variety of different situations. The smartest thing to do, you Jackass, is to change the design of the gloves because then without even thinking or trying it would be physically impossible to poke someone in the eye. Are you saying that eye pokes are not a major problem in the sport and its only Jon Jones who does it?? I'm speaking as a MMA fan not a Jon Jones fan, the Gloves MUST be changed or someone will get seriously injured and it will ruin their career.

        • Zip


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            I'm sure your mother is a kind, loving, giving, gentle and humble woman who only wanted you to become something… My, is she disappointed.

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    • the UFC does need to change the gloves. but that's not what this article is about. it's undeniable that jones is known for eye pokes.

      • That comment made no sense. This article is about EYEPOKES….In order to completely take EYEPOKES out of the scenario, you MUST change the gloves, so that is what this article is about. Yes Jon does accidentally eye poke people, but so do countless other fighters in the UFC. FYI Jon has also been poked in the eye himself on several occasions, so lets not act like Jon is the only one doing it. I remember Gus using the open hand pawing technique and poking Jon Directly in the eye ball…

        • the article is about Jone Jones poking people in the eyes. If it was just about eye pokes like you're saying it is, Jon jones wouldn't be mentioned in the goddamn title.

          And don't start with that bullshit that you don't freak out on people and that you don't deny that you defend jones. I've seen you resort to name calling more times than i can count. and if you really want me to, I'll go back and copy and paste YOUR QUOTE about saying you don't defend him.

          I don't deny that jones has haters but guess what? Jones doesn't even care about his haters opinions. why do you?

          I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt space, but you're making it real fucking hard.

      • I would recommend watching the whole video it is epic, but at 15:16 Gus does something very surprising………………Jon has roughly around 190 odd minutes spent in the UFC cage, if Jon Jones eye pokes are such a major factor and he constantly does it, why is that video only 1:54 seconds???? There was no eye poke footage from 10+ of Jon's fights……Wonder why??

        • because he didn't use them as much in the beginning of his career. Jones has evolved as a fighter. And one such evolution is realizing what a huge reach advantage he's got and capitalizing on that. He didn't fight with his hands out like that in the biginning of his career. It's all tactical from him, and intentional.

          The only advantage Jones has to most fighters in LHW is his reach. But boy does he make the most of it. I've never seen a fighter that uses his reach as well as Jones. Every aspect of his fighting is based on his reach. And coming from camp Jackson it's hard to see how the eye pokes aren't part of his gameplan. Jackson is the master strategist and tactitioner. The eye pokes are part of the gameplan, and as long as the ref's or the rules don't do anything about them Jones is going to keep using them. Why not? They work pretty damn well.

          Gus has been working them i to his fight strategy as well.

          • "The only advantage Jones has to most fighters in LHW is his reach" Really?? What about his great Muay Thai, great boxing, great wrestling, great submissions, great Cardio…..Those are some advantages Jon has over most fighters. Jones uses his reach well with his striking but not 100% to win fights, most of his UFC wins are by submission which eliminates his massive reach advantage. He also just battered Glover from inside the clinch with elbows and boxing, totally taking his reach advantage away… The fact that you think Jon intentionally tries to poke people in the eye is so ridiculous its actually hilarious.

    • You are Jon Jones' apologist?? LOL, what a fucking twat…..

    • You go to a gym???? Really???

      Please tell me more about these gloves with covered fingers??? What brand are they??? Do they come as sparring gloves as well, or do you at "your gym" spar with small, fingers covered, gloves just to avoid eyepokes but you can handle punches to the head with these small mma gloves without damage??

      Sounds like no gym I've ever been in. Please tell me more. This is quite a unique place you train at. It's innovative to say the least.

      • The brand is Spalding. They are padded like normal MMA gloves, the fingers are covered and the thumb is exposed. It is a little awkward to grapple with them but it isn't too bad. I usually do light sparring with those gloves then switch to boxing gloves for full contact sparring.

  • I am to the point that I weak everything SpaceJam posts and most of the time I don't even read his BS anymore, I just hit weak!!!! I think most of the posters on here weak him automatically!! Keep weaking him people!!!

    • Unless you can refute my points with logical, factual evidence, clicking weak means nothing. You can click, weak or sharp or whatever the hell you want, I don't give a flying fuck.

      • every time someone refutes you, or asks you a question you just ignore it if it doesn't fit your view or you don't have an answer for it. Or you start calling people names. Witch always is a great way of arguing. Every smart person knows that the one that is the most obscene has the most valid point.

        I'll give you some credit. I've never come a cross a bigger fan than you. You may be ignorant, but Jones truly is something special to you, isn't he??

        • Woah dude, My first comment was my opinion. Zip replied first with another question, I then answered him without insulting him, thank you very much, its just when Zip decided to be a dickhead, I decided to insult him.

          Are you denying that Jon is not special? He was the youngest UFC champion in the history of the sport. Fought and essentially demolished a murderers row of phenomenal fighters. P4P Number #1 in the world. You and the other idiots are letting the fact that you don't like the way he is outside the cage, override his skills in the cage.

          I'll will admit that I am emotionally invested in supporting Jon. He is my favorite fighter and I have supported him since his debut. When it comes to Jon as a person, I like him, so do hundreds of thousands of other people, if you dislike him so what, it doesn't matter in the bug picture. As for the eye pokes, as a martial artist my self and a die hard fan, the type of gloves used in MMA is terrible, they need to be changed because eyepokes happen all the damn time, its a MAJOR problem in the sport. Not just Jon Jones for fuck sake. If the gloves are changed then Jon can not physical eye poke ANYONE.

          • eye pokes are a problem. Jones is special because he has turned a problem in the sport to a advantage for him. Accidental headbutts happen a lot too, but nobody is saying that that problem should be solved with some kind of headgear to prevent it.

            It's up to the ref to keep the fight clean and it is obvious that Jones is going to continue to stick his fingers in his opponents face until the ref start punishing him for it. Why would he stop? It gives him a great advantage, at least against smaller opponents. Witch Jones seems to prefer to fight.

            When, or rather if, Jones goes to HW you'll see what I mean with all his fighting is based on his reach. And that he is nothing that special. He'll still have the advantage, but it wont be that big.

            If he goes to HW he'll have 2-3 top five fights, because of his hype, loose them and go back to LHW or become irrelevant at HW.

          • Accidental headbutts rarely happen, groin kicks are a close second, eye pokes are a major problem in every single division. The smart thing to do buddy, is to change the glove. Putting all the focus to Jon and putting an effort to stop Jon is not the way to go about it, kill two birds with one stone, stop everyone from eyepokes.

            Please explain how Jon has preferred to fight smaller opponents. Name one opponent that was taller then Jones, that he choose NOT to fight?? Everyone has had a chance to beat Jones. They lost because of Jons skill as a fighter not his height. Jon is naturally a 205er, he got the nickname Bones for being very skinny, he still has not got the true frame of a heavyweight but he will in the next 2 years or so.

            You and all the haters take all the credit away from Jon's skill as a fighter and say he only wins because of his height and reach. Height and Reach means NOTHING! We have seen HUNDREDS of fighters overcome MASSIVE height and reach disadvantages. Mark Hunt vs Stefan Stuve!!! Why didn't Struve win??? Ron Font 5'8 just KOd 6'1 George Roop! The list goes on and on and on….You can say whatever the fuck you want about Jon, its means nothing. Jon has a great life, great family and is P4P the best MMA fighter in the World, Get use to it.

          • I'm not taking anything away from Jones, he is the LHW champion. He has beaten good fighters. But he ain't as great as the ufc, or you, believe.

            Like I said above, boy can Jones use that reach!! I'm not saying that reach matters always. Just the opposite, it matters if you can use it. Jones has a lot of great techniques, I ain't denying that. But they are all based on his reach.

            Because Gustavsson was so close to Jones in reach, we saw for the first time, what it means to Jones. He just wasn't the same fighter. The stuff that he usually does didn't quite work. He got taken down by Gus because he didn't have the reach advantage like he normally does.

            Sure Jones won the Gus fight, he showed hart and had better cardio(not based on his reach). And it was a great fight, but was Jones great if you compare him to his other fights?

            No he wasn't. And why was that?? I'm a fan of Gus, but honestly Gus isn't that great a fighter. He doesn't know how to use his reach advantage as well as Jones. Why did a fighter like Gus do so well against Jones?

            There are a couple of fighters at LHW that can beat Gus, he'll loose to DC if they fight. But I'm certain that only two can beat Jones. Gus because of his length and reach, and DC because of the power advantage he has on Jones.

            Power is good to deal with reach advantage, you can just power through and get in. That's why Jones will struggle at HW. There he's got a smaller reach advantage and the big boys are much stronger.

            Jones greatest P4P? No
            Jones greatest P4P user of reach? Hell yeah