Coach Believes St-Pierre vs. McGregor Would Be ‘Biggest Fight In UFC History’


There are some people who still think that the UFC could book a super fight between former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

The idea of this bout has been discussed ever since GSP announced that he would be returning to competition after a four-year layoff.

However, when asked about the fight, there has been radio silence from the McGregor camp. It should also be noted that it’s an idea that St-Pierre has never been interested in.

This leads us to St-Pierre’s Tristar gym coach Firas Zahabi, who went on record in a recent interview by stating that this fight could actually go down in history books as an all-time great.

“I don’t think that’s crazy. I’ve been asking for that fight for over a year and a half now,” Zahabi told Express Sport. “I don’t think it’s a crazy fight. I think it’s a brilliant fight.”

“It would probably be the biggest fight in UFC history and MMA history,” he added. “And that record wouldn’t be broken for ten years. So why not do it?”

Zahabi gave high praise to McGregor, particularly his punching power and attitude as a fighter.

“He’s got the touch of death in his hands. He knows what he’s doing, he’s highly intelligent, highly captivated, he’s extremely dangerous,” Zahabi said of the UFC lightweight champion. “And I don’t think he fears anybody. So I think him and Georges would be a phenomenal fight.”

It’s been well documented that St-Pierre recently vacated the UFC middleweight title due to the ulcerative colitis he had been dealing with since his training camp in preparation for his fight against Michael Bisping at UFC 217.

On the flip side, McGregor remains uncertain about his next career move but did clarify that he wants a “real fight” in MMA next.

  • Shock Wave

    Yes, obviously, it would be the “greatest fight in the UFC” blah blah blah…

    Georges would embarrass McGregor throughout the “fight”, way worse beating than Mayweather…

  • Wabbit

    GSP is still a very gifted fighter, although the Bisping fight did not bring out the best in him; GSP is clearly still competent at that top level, but has he lost his special mojo and now unbeatable…there is a suspicion he might be.

    In the post Bisping fight interview, and judging by GSP’s actions since, there is an impression GSP might give up fighting entirely and not simply leave that weight division.

    As for McGregor, is there really a substantial demand for him among fans; or have they simply had too “mucking fuch” of him.