Velasquez vs Bigfoot II, Dos Santos vs Overeem both confirmed for UFC 160


You read that correctly my friends, two huge heavyweight fights are coming to you on memorial day weekend May 25th. Which just so happens to be exactly 364 days after Cain rebounded from his title loss with a brutal TKO victory over Silva.

Tuesday’s edition of UFC Tonight announced the news, making it safe to conclude that Bigfoot has proved his worth and contender status to the UFC brass, earning himself a championship fight and an interesting rematch hot off the biggest upset of 2013 thus far.

It’s likely Silva will enter the fight as an overwhelming underdog given the manner with which the champion dispatched him with in their first meeting, however if anything should be learned from the heavyweight divisions recent history, it’s that you shouldn’t be counting out towering monsters with this kind of power. At this size, and this level, one swing can change the momentum and quickly decide the outcome of a fight.

Also announced was the long awaited, hyped up, bad blooded face-off between Junior dos Santos and Alistair Overeem. This fight has been talked about since Dos Santos first claimed the title from Cain Velasquez with a quick KO finish over a year ago.

With all the pieces set in place for a great striking match, this could be the heavyweight version of Aldo vs Pettis. This match has more than just fireworks written all over it, fans just may have to anticipate some nuclear bombs being thrown in this fight. With both fighters coming off of very brutal and diminishing losses, it will be interesting to see who bounces back stronger and who manages to further improve, showcasing their true heart and resiliency in the process.

It’s also important to notw that with the heavyweight division in it’s current state and given the recent title shot opportunities handed out by the UFC like party favours. It wouldn’t be crazy to think that with a solid clear cut dominant win and/or finish, the winner of this macth could potentially find themselves right back into a title match facing the winner of the Velasquez/Bigfoot bout.

We’ll just have to see how it all unfolds, but it’s definitely an interesting development for the division and some great matchups for the fans.

Let us know what you think! Which fight are you more excited for?

  • Cain – JDS – Rubber Match

    • a few weeks ago everyone were talking about how Reem gonna slaughter Bigfoot; now new topic is how Cigano gonna rape Overeem…

      i love this sport and MMA fans logic

      • It's called not having a chin.

      • I still say Overeem dominates JDS. He was stupid to underestimate Antonio. He will not underestimate Junior.

        • Weather he underestimated bigfoot or not, i still see Overeem loosing this one and doing so spectacular fashion. I was the biggest overeem fan b4 the bigfoot fight. That fight just proved that overeem was on drugs and when he use it anymore he will loose.

          • Buragash. The BF fight proved no such thing (the failed drug test proved that). The only thing you can say about that fight is that it showcased extremely good timing, evasion and striking on the part of the Dutchman while showcasing just how bad things can go wrong in very short order if you are an arrogant prick and keep your hands down the entire fight. Overeem will approach this fight the same way he approached his K-1 fights. He will have his hands up and use tight defense and counter striking to pick JDS apart. Don't be surprised if this is a very boring fight. I am picking Overeem Via decision. After the beating that JDS took from Cain I just don't see him getting KOd but I am sure he will lose.

          • @Choke well we just have to wait and see, deep down i hope your are right but i seriously doubt it. when overeem was in k1 he looked f**kin ripped, he looked quick and could pack a punch. but in that bigfoot fight he didnt look as ripped and he looked slow and sluggish, it was like i was watching in slow mo. also jds was able to go 5 rounds taking so much punishment and still survived, Overeem i feel will not last long especially when taking punishment from a well motivated jds… All in all i dont want to seem like a fickle fan as overeem was my absolute best fighter in the world b4 that fight and now i'm just so disappointed because i was amongst the people that stuck with him all that time he was accused of being on steroids, that fight just proved the accusations were true all along and now people like me have got egg on our faces. My heart still wants to see overeem back to the demolition man he once was but my head says otherwise

        • @choke I thought he wouldn't be silly enough to underesti,ate Bigfoot.. guess I was wrong and it could happen again

        • lol okaaayyyyy, still riding that Reem Wagon, careful when you fall off again 8))

          • By the way, "Baby Ad's" profile pic is fkn funny. 8D

          • @entity: tanks, not lyk yours, diaz is going to taste an ass whipping from st. pierre, hahaha… but im still a big fan of diaz, hopefully diaz will get lucky and teach st. pierre a lesson for taking him instead of the bearded one.

      • Why yes, Gaul, it is pretty funny that mma fans believe that different fighters will perform differently against different fighters.

      • except Reem, was inactive forever. People just made their best guess. To be honest and not taking anything from bigfoot, Reem wasn't taking him serious, keeping his hands down( which in the first RD he did well) but come on this is heavy weight. Bigfoot hits anyone clean and following with a flurry they're going down!
        I'd say Reem won't try that again, but JDS has the edge for sure, we all know how he brings it and Reem has to be shook.

    • overeem vs dos santos is an exciting fight to see who can come the strongest after a loss. but big foot vs cain 2 doesnt make much sense. i love watching big foot fight because hes a monster that never gives up but cain completely dominated him not so long ago. imo werdum should be taken out of the big nog fight and put against cain then set big foot and nog up if they would fight eachother for tuf Brazil

      • Cain vs Big foot 2 does make sense. We don't have to like it but the guy is on a 3 fight win streak and just knocked out the #1 contender. We don't have to like it (I don't) but it makes sense. These are the type of match ups we can look forward to if the UFC puts in a ranking system. There's Pros and cons in everything. I think Cain is going to own him but you can never count BF out.

        At least Overeem vs JDS is on the same card. 🙂

        • i like cain and big foot so ill enjoy the fight anyway but big foot is on a 2 fight win streak and is 2-2 in his last 4 fights. i think ufc expected overeem to beat big foot and to hype up cain vs overeem but it backfired. plus if big foot loses to cain a second time it means he'll be 2-3 in his last 5 and might not get another title shot

      • Bigfoot has earned it. Period.

        • @dabs:and bigfoot will go down again. 100% sure of that. same to the faith of cigano.

        • Bigfoot was viciously knocked out and finished last year. That doesn't make him a great contender for a world championship. However, who's there to fight for the crown at the moment, besides Cormier (who's not willing to fight his friend)? Werdum vs Bigfoot 2 could be a title eliminator, but the former is already booked for TUF-Brazil.

    • yeah another beat down for velasquez to bigfoot and overeem can knock the hell out of cigano. yeah… cant wait the face of bigfoot to be bloody and more ugly, same for cigano.

    • The Reem could have won his last bout with Bigfoot, but he underestimated him and lost viciously as a consequence. He was also unusually slow, which doesn't bode well in a fight with Santos…I think Santos will take this one…I believe Cain will once again manhandle Bigfoot, maybe not as impressively and quickly, but he'll surely get the Win.

  • I don't know, a humbled Alistair Overeem could be an unforeseen threat of epic proportions. The dude was riding a cocky wavelength of hype and self gloat which masked his true skill set.

  • overeem is in for a world of hurt!

  • I hope Reem doesn't reflect on the Bigfoot loss and convince himself that Rids were the key to his success. That being said if he beats JDS i'd be shocked if he won't test hot.

  • Time to take another nap reem

    • People need to remember, he was talking crap about JDS also and JDS will be hungry for a win to get back into contention.

  • Zip

    In the end, it's Cain vs JDS lll. Can't wait.

  • Cain Terminator Velasquez > Big Foot, Alistair , JDS and the rest of The UFC fighters… EXCEPT Nick Diaz…

    • WHAT?… ok, Im a little slow sometimes /""\

  • The story of this card will be JDS / Overeem.

    Whose for real and whose not?

    On a side note…Cain will own Bigfoot. There's a lot of problems here, but the biggest (no pun intended) is Silvas' just too slow. Cain vs. the winner of JDS / Overeem is a vastly more interesting battle.

    • I agree, I don't see Cain having any trouble with Bigfoot. Overeem was easily handling Bigfoot before the 3rd round but Cain:

      1) Has the cardio to dominate for 5
      2) Has a more well-rounded skillset
      3) Protects his chin
      4) Already ate Bigfoot for breakfast

      The real show on this card (no disrespect to Silva) is JDS vs the Reem

      • I will definitely have Cain in the picks but writing off BF based on the first fight is just silly. He is a fighter who learns from his failures. He was not ready for the type of wrestling Cain possesses. Having felt that, he will adapt. I don't think it will be enough but you really never know.

        • No offense to BF, but which failures has he adapted to exactly? I don't remember him having a rematch with anyone, so saying he will come in better prepared is just speculation. In addition, I didn't write him off based solely on the first fight, I had 3 other reasons for it.

        • @ICP

          I just think there's a huge speed and reflex reaction difference, between the two. Again, I just think BF is too slow. However, that's not to say, that under the right circumstances he can't beat Cain. It's just that I don't see Cain giving him those circumstances, the same what (that I feel) Overeem did. Cain won't look past the fight in front of him, where AO did. I suspect that a CV / BF re-match will go down, pretty much the same way the first fight went down.

          Again though, I'm one of the many who picked Overeem and look how that turned out.

        • @ichokeshit: come one men, bigfoot will be definitely TKO'd by cain and JDS will surely get knock out.

          • @ Baby

            I'd agree with you on both counts, certainly on the first count and I do believe that The Reem is a great deal better than he showed against Big Foot. I could be wrong, but I'll take AO in a stand-up fight (and that's what It'll be) with JDS.

          • @mma lie: tanks man, lets just hope that overeem will not be knock out again. ehehehe…

          • @ Baby Aids

            I hear ya.

  • Bigfoot just fought and he is already booked for another fight in 2013…..

    When the hell is Anderson Silva's next fighting ?

    • Bigfoot is hungry to become a world champion while Silva is sitting on his 10th title defense.
      Comparing the schedule of the greatest ever who's done it all and a fighter coming off the biggest win of his career and is offered a surprising UFC heavyweight title shot is a bit unfair

      • @Keith…..10 title defences is impressive, however, the middleweight division is being held ransom while Silva decides who he wants to fight.

  • Would of prefered Velasquez vs Werdum & JDS vs Big Foot for the #1 contender

  • Vs Cigano he will be having sweet D-Reems by the 2nd round and will wake up Ali-Stairing into the bright lights of defeat

    • I see what you did there.

      • I always lol when I see that reply 8P 8))

  • Overeem via decision
    Cain via decision

    • Overeem via decision
      Cain via decision

      is what the people thought… never

      • Overeem isn't getting a KO over JDS. I would have said so before the beating Cain gave him but not after. That guy is durable. Cain might stop Antonio but I think we will see much better wrestling from him this time. Look at my picks. I started way later than most and I move up a couple of places every other event. At the rate I am going I will be in the top ten by the end of the year. There is a madness to my method but my thought process on this works more often than not.

        • Well you can make those picks then and I'll make choose finishes… keeping 5th place on the website

  • and with that match booked begins the downward spiral of the reem

    • Fedor seen eating popcorn and ice cream with smile on his face.

  • Two matches that promise violence even if they are quite predictable.

    i used to think Overeem could be the best HW in the world but he mentally stops himself from getting there. Unfortunately I feel JDS will be able to find Overeem's chin with ease if Bigfoot did.
    I want Reem to win though, maybe only because if JDS loses he will for sure be right back fighting for the belt in time while if Overeem loses it's probably the last of him ever getting near the title.

    Bigfoot has been improving a lot but with Reem taking him down easy and remembering how one sided hid fight with Cain was, I think it's one of the most predictable main events 2013 will bring.

    • If you want to know what Overeem V JDS will look like you can't consider Overeems MMA fights. This is going to be a stand up war and for that you need to look at his K-1 fights. In those, he keeps his hands high and uses a very tight defense to avoid damage and counter. I don't think JDS is going to find Overeems chin nearly as easily as you think.

      • How much of the Bigfoot fight was stand up? A lot of it, except from when Overeem took it down.

        • True but you've missed the point. He kept his hands high in K-1 because he knew that he had to. If you watch most of Overeem's mma fights since then he has had a tendency to keep them low because he (stupidly) has had no respect for the striking of his opponents including BF. JDS is different and Overeem knows it. Unless he is completely retarded he will use the same tactics he uses in kickboxing for this fight. If he doesn't keep his hands up he won't make it out of the first round but I just don't see him making that mistake.

  • Easy picks;

    JDS via tko
    Cain via tko

    Big Foots wrestling is garbage, and he will be destroyed again. Overeem never had anything for JDS, and his inability to use PED's make his chances against Junior even worse. If it were a kickboxing match Overeed would have a decent chance. However, its not. He won't be able to deflect the little gloves as easy, and will be put away some time late in the first or early second. The thought that Overeem is a top tier striker in MMA will finally be put to bed.

    • Amen to that, besides I think Werdum deserved more, Sturve too, not just because of the nice W's they put on their record, but Cain destroyed Silva the last time arround and Silva wanted another fight before the shot, too. On the lately title conteders subject I just hope, that if Overeem pulls it, as you do so I belive he won't, but If, the Ufc does not give him the title shot.

    • And supposing Reem KO's JDS? Will the thought that he isn't a top tier striker be put to bed?

      • Of course not. It won't happen though. In fact, if Overeem has his way the fight will take place on the ground. Considering a majority of time in MMA he tries to take his opponents down.

    • So you are saying that JDS is a better striker than Badr Hari? Interesting. Much like Hari, JDS could ,on a good night, out strike Overeem but I think you will see that JDS and Overeem are pretty close in striking skill with Overeem being just a tad better. Also, BF's wrestling is not garbage, only his bottom game sucks. His TDD is okay and his top game and take downs are very good. He will likely lose to Cain again but I will be surprised if he hasn't adjusted enough to avoid a replay of the last fight. I will be pulling for him to win but I won't have him in the picks.

      • No, BF's wrestling is garbage when considering top tier MMArtists. Cain, Cormier, and Overeem took him down at will (the latter until he gassed. His takedowns are decent, and he does have a very good top game when it comes to MMA (striking, positioning).

        I'm saying JDS is a much better striker than Overeem in MMA (although is quite possibly much better than Hari or Overeem in kickboxing also). MMA striking and kickboxing are different, and Overeem doesn't take punches well. As soon as he gets hit by a striker, he looks for the takedown. If he doesn't get it he turtles up and fades.

        However, it was also made clear that Hari was a much better striker than Overeem in kickboxing. He stopped him in the first of their rematch.

  • I like it..think BF deserves it for wreking the guy some people considered to be the best HW on the planet and clear #1 contender…by the way…I keep hearing that he got cocky and that is why he lost….to me BFs excuse (could not see due to blood) is a much more plausible one…BF was not suposed to beat Fedor, not suposed to beat Overeem and now he is not suposed to beat Cain…..anyway…JDS will brutalize Overeem.

    • I'm with you on Silva. I think that he loses both of those (hypothetical) rematches and this upcoming title fight but he can beat anyone on a good night. Overeem isn't getting brutalized though.

  • Cain going to dominate Mr. Bigfoot 😐

  • I dare Overeem to drop his hands and act all cocky now. I really used to like him now I can't wait to see him get destroyed

  • You cant judge a fighter on 1 fight. Reem was cocky and got caught. In the heavyweight division its a race to the chin. He is still the most elite and technical striker in the Heavyweight division. Velasquez never went to the body of JDS and that is Reem's specialty. Reem will cycle the Horse Meat correctly and win via TKO.

    • Sorry, no matter how many times Rogan said it, I still don't believe Reem is the best striker in the division.

      • You can not believe it as much as you want. It is still the truth.

        • Far from it. Stats in MMA tell the story of a very good striker, but nothing special.

    • I don't judge overeem on 1 fight but on his record in general. no way is he the best striker in the devision.

  • end of story: cain best heavyweight

    Jds vs cain 3 will solidify cain as p4p best heavyweight

    cormier, brown and carwin need to step up and start wrecking everyone else.

  • I think cain will destroy bigfoot again and dos santos will k.o. overeem in the first.