Siyar Bahadurzada calls out BJ Penn, says he will fight for free


UFC Welterweight Siyar Bahadurzada recently took to Twitter to express his interest as a replacement for the injured Rory MacDonald. Calling out BJ Penn, Bahadurzada is willing to undergo the previously scheduled VADA testing routine prior to a fight with Penn, as well as donate his fight purse to charity. It appears that Bahadurzada, who is coming off of a flash knockout over Paulo Thiago, is highly motivated to prove his worth as a UFC commodity versus a true legend in Penn. Check out his comments here:

Bahadurzada is no doubt an exciting fighter, but has he done enough to warrant a match with a huge name like Penn? He has only had one fight in the UFC and was forced out of a proposed bout with Thiago Alves due to injury. Perhaps Penn will wait for MacDonald to heal, we will have to wait and see. Bahadurzada continued on:

Is this a fight that would serve as a suitable replacement for BJ Penn vs. Rory MacDonald? That is certainly debatable, due to Bahadurzada’s relative obscurity amongst casual MMA fans. What do you think? Is this a fight that Dana White should make?

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  • unbelievable nerve on the guy!

  • unbelievable nerve on the guy!

  • the fame/recognition that comes from beating a guy like penn (even though i’ve always thought hes overrated) more than makes up for a few thousand dollars fight purse (its not like he has an amazing contract or anything..)

  • I like this fight actually.
    I ll still be rooting for BJ is it happens, but Siyar is scary

  • Siyar beats Penn. Penn retires.

  • Warrior

  • i guess Ill fight Bj too if they wanna throw me a purse and 15 mins. of fame…why not?!

  • I like this fight actually.
    I ll still be rooting for BJ is it happens, but Siyar is scary

  • Lee

    BJ is on his way out…or is he? Syar is on his way up…or is he? I’d like to see this, personally, I think BJ should have stayed retired. The nerve on the guy? Why? It’s not like BJ is a champion anymore.

  • Syar does not have the name Rory has, but this match up is far better for BJ, since Rory would take the match to the ground and Syar prefers to stand and bang.

  • People are calling BJ out like is going out of fashion. Hes at a point in his career where a win over Siyar does nothing for him ( considering hes supposed to be retired ) but a win for Siyar shoots him up the ladder. As “ahhhhhhhhh” said ^ the fame/recognition that comes with beating a guy like BJ outweighs the purse.

    On a different note its a fight i could be interested in, we could see a different BJ where he uses his wrestling/BJJ more than usual

  • Everyone is talking about this guy like hes some 19-yr old phenom with his whole career ahead of him. Hes a 28-year old mediocre fighter with like 30 fights under his belt. There are like 50 other guys just like him in the UFC with more UFC wins under their belt and more deserving of a shot with BJ Penn.

  • … or is he? jaajaja funny shit

  • to do it for charity got to give it to him think would be cool if they had a whole venue for charity freee fight on fox charity fight come on how bad ass would that be kinda like fight for the troops they hold a fight a week almost to give up one or two a year would be bad ass

  • Im not sure how I would take this, if I were Penn. On one hand, he probably wont ever be champ again, and on the other hand he makes money everytime they do it. At this point in BJ’s career, getting called out to noobs is the equivalent to doing aftershave commercials to ex pro ball players. I’d cash in also BJ.