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Rory MacDonald Wants Johny Hendricks In Canada After Tyron Woodley


Long-time UFC top 10 welterweight Rory MacDonald bounced back from his defeat at the hands of Robbie Lawler with an impressive decision win over Demian Maia at UFC 170. The split decision loss to ‘Ruthless’ at UFC 169 ended MacDonald’s five fight win streak, and landed the Canadian in a difficult spot.

Against Maia, MacD was able to prove that he is worthy of his lofty spot in the rankings, and scored himself a UFC 174 showdown against Tyron Woodley for his efforts. Woodley recently said he plans on ‘Whooping that young kid’s butt’ when talking about ‘Ares’, but the 24 year-old Canadian ‘Psycho’ sees things a little differently. Check out what MacDonald had to say when he sat down with MMAJunkie.com:

“I definitely feel like I’m hitting my stride now this year. My focus is at an all-time high, and I couldn’t be happier. Ranked as the No. 2 contender or whatever in the world, it’s very exciting for me. I have a handful of techniques that will work really well against that style of fighter,” MacDonald said. “I’m very pleased to be matched up with him, and I’m very confident in winning that fight. I’ll be in good shape for that fight, very focused and very hungry for the victory.”

The fight with Woodley could well be MacDonald’s biggest challenge to date; ‘The Chosen One’ seems to be in the prime of his career, and is a great combination of wrestler/striker. The similarities that Woodley has to the champion Johny Hendricks will mean that we get a gauge of how MacD might fare in a bout with the champion.

“When I beat Woodley, hopefully [I get a title shot] in the fall or winter in Toronto or Montreal,” MacDonald said. “Hendricks is a great fighter. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s definitely a good fighter, and I’m excited to see him in the future. I’m striving to be a champion in the welterweight division,” MacDonald said. “I don’t want to fill Georges’ shoes. That’s an impossible task. I don’t want to be Georges. I want to be myself. I want to represent my style of martial arts and my own personality.”

The title picture when Georges St-Pierre was champion really wasn’t much clearer than it is now, but the added difficulty of having his training partner as champion is a thing of the past for MacDonald. Although not active right now, it’s clear that St-Pierre has left a lasting impression on his young protégé, and he hopes to be as dominant as ‘Rush’ was while champ:

“Georges was probably the greatest champion ever, and he’s been a great person for me to learn from, train beside and watch fight over the years. He’s a model for Canadian fighters, and I just hope I can be as dominant as him in the cage.”

Once again MacDonald finds himself on the brink of a title shot, but can he put his plan to work against power-punching, trash talking machine Tyron Woodley? If so, it may be the start of the championship chapter of Rory MacDonald’s storied career.

  • Sorry Rory but Woodley is finishing you

    • I thought this was a 5 round fight, which would have been very interesting b/c I'd like to see Woodley, if he can hang for 25 mins in the UFC! I's a Rory fan, but I think this fight can go either way. Wouldn't be shocked if Woodley won, but I give a slight… slight edge to Rory! Rory looked very impressive vs. Maia, mostly in the round that he lost
      (1st round) b/c Maia a 4 or 5X World BJJ Champion had Rory mounted a couple times & had his back a few times as well, yet Rory was never in any real danger. Unfortunately for Woodley, we didn't get to see much vs. Condit, yes he was beating Condit, but that doesn't say much, b/c he didn't do anything incredible in the 1st round & the 2nd round wasn't very long.

      I'd like to see both Rory & Woodley fight Hendricks, but I don't see Hendricks being a long time champ, especially if he can't get better cardio, b/c after the 2nd round, Hendricks' pace slows down drastically & he always seems to lose the later rounds. Funny how Hendricks last 3 fights have all been very close decisions, thought all he needed to do was land his left hand once?!? Pretty sure he landed his left hands on Condits, GSP's & Lawlers chin several times, yet they all went to decisions. Hmmm weird!

  • Damn Rory, the title was misleading. MacDonald didn't actually say he wanted to fight Hendricks. He also didn't say he wanted to fight in Canada, but rather Toronto or Montreal. You baited me into reading the article!

  • No doubt Rory McDonald has been Humbled. That is how he used to be during his early days in the UFC. However, have my doubts about him getting the title just yet.