Today the UFC 158 press conference took place from Montreal, Quebec and Nick Diaz decided to actually show up this time.

Dana White is on hand, stating that he feels great after last week’s surgery. Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and challenger Diaz both address a wide array of issues heading into the March main event. GSP acknowledges there is a history between the two fighters, but that he also believes Diaz to be the best fighter for him to face right now.

Diaz states he would rather not deal with the media aspect of the sport but will. He has appreciated his time to heal up, never having had an extended period of time off. Diaz also addressed his “retirement” after his controversial decision loss to Carlos Condit last year, saying he did not expect to get a title fight so soon.

Nick Diaz appears more professional today, seemingly putting the beef with GSP behind him in order to take the fight seriously. He even said he can't complain about his pay. Is this a new, calmer version of Nick Diaz?

Video of the UFC 158 press conference is below, Dana White kicks it off around the 19:44 mark: