Immediately following his victory over Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones walked around celebrating, completely unaware of the gruesome injury going on down at his feet.

It wasn't until Joe Rogan pointed out the injury that Jones finally realized and saw what had happened. Now visually worried, Jones admitted he didn't feel anything at the start of the interview due to the adrenaline, but was expecting to feel it later once it wore off.

However, as Joe Rogan continued with what became a rather awkward interview, professional UFC cut man known as "Stitch" as well as other medical officials attended to the wound and you could clearly see the discomfort on the champions face.

Trying to with hold the pain while the small team of men did their very best to piece his mangled foot together and patch him back up, Jones pointed out that he believed there may have been a hole or issue with the octagon.

In his following interview with Chael Sonnen, Rogan pointed out that there's no telling what could have happened had the fight gone to the second round, although something tells me Jones still would have found a way to win despite the injury.

Here is a close up of the injury but I must warn you it is pretty graphic. In fact it looks like much more than a break, I was convinced there was actually some of his toe missing, but you be the judge.