Jake Shields put in a boring, yet effective strategy at last night’s UFN 29 main event; nullifying Maia’s best work with some clinchy/huggy wrestling and not much else. I may sound like a Jake Shields hater right now, and with good reason. The guy has put more people to sleep than a Swedish euthanasia clinic.

I’m never really one to dislike someone purely for their style, but even Jon Fitch is more entertaining than Shields. It can be quite a cut throat sport when you consider ticket sales outweight talent in the grand scheme of things, but surely this should motivate guys to put in more work.

That being said, Shields upset the favorite in his hometown, so kudos to you sir. Obviously Shields feels that he is back up with the top echelon at 170, speaking at last night's post-fight presser to outline his future hopes:

"I think (the win over Maia) puts me really high back up. Maia was ranked number four in the world (and was on) a four-fight win streak. I already have wins over Carlos Condit, Robbie Lawler, top contenders. So I want another shot at GSP."

The win over Condit came in 2006, so I don’t really see that as a relevant point. If JS wants the shot at GSP, he will surely have to face Condit/MacD/Lawler. Plus I think that Condit would absolutely destroy Shields at this stage, so maybe that would be a cool fight to make.

Shields’ win over Lawler was also a few years ago, in Strikeforce (whatever that was). Lawler is looking a new man at 170lbs. and he faces top WW Rory MacDonald soon. I think Shields may be jumping the gun here.

"Whether I have to fight Rory MacDonald, Carlos Condit, any of the top contenders, I just want to fight people at the top right now."

Although some of us may not enjoy his style, Shields is an elite MMArtist, and he deserves recognition for his win. So what’s next for the grappling whiz kid? Well I think that a fight against Jake Ellenberger would make sense, seeing as The Juggernaut smashed Shields back in 2011.

Any suggestions?