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Jake Ellenberger: Nobody wants to fight Johny Hendricks, but I do


‘The Juggernaut’ Jake Ellenberger has been making a name for himself at welterweight for a while now. In arguably the toughest division on the planet, Ellenberger has fought his way up the ladder facing stearn competition on the way.

Most recently we saw Ellenberger take out Nate Marquardt with a nasty first round knockout, in a bout where ‘The Juggernaut’ was originally slated to face Johny Hendricks. Ellenberger spoke recently to Bleacher Report about his most recent scrap:

“I accomplished exactly what I wanted to do with this fight, it happened a bit quicker than I had anticipated, but I wanted to make a statement and I believe I was successful in doing so.”

After his victory at UFC 158, Ellenberger is arguably the number three welterweight on the planet. ‘The Juggernaut’ continued with his take on the shape of the division:

“It’s hard to say exactly where I stand in the division, but I would suspect I’m right behind Johny,” Ellenberger said. “Some people are saying I’m third or fourth, but what matters to me is fighting the best competition. I will fight whoever I have to in order to get to that title. I was scheduled to fight Josh Koscheck, but he got hurt and I fought Jay Hieron. I was supposed to fight Johny Hendricks, and then he got out of the fight and I ended up against Nate Marquardt.”

“It doesn’t matter what happens, I’m always facing top guys and I have to perform. I still have to beat them and I’ll fight whoever I have to in order to become the No.1 contender.”

Ellenberger then went on to discuss the current number one contender Johny Hendricks and his opinion about a potential fight against ‘Big Rigg’:

“Nobody wants to fight Johny Hendricks, but I do. I’ve been pretty vocal about it, but I can’t control certain things that happen in terms of who I face. But now he’s fighting for the title, and I’m just waiting to see how things play out.”

“He’s had a couple of quick knockouts, but I believe I have what it takes to beat him. I think I have him figured out, and I’ve been saying his name for the past year and trying to get inside the cage with him. I had the fight, but then he found a way out. I want to fight him so bad and I believe I can beat him.”

“I want to wear Johny Hendricks‘s teeth as a necklace.”

Clearly some bad feelings being harboured by Ellenberger towards Hendricks, who do you think would have the best chance in a match-up between these two heavy hitters? 


  • Juggernaut

  • Well Jake, I hope you make that necklace after Johny has brushed.

    I like Jake, and I would like to see him fight for the title–but the necklace comment is a tad WWE dramatic.

  • Nobody, except for Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, GSP, Rory Mac, Josh Koscheck, Robbie Lawler, and possibly every other top tier WW (even guys he's put to sleep). Nobody.

  • Jake Ellenberger have big balls. I remember he called out both Diaz's after Shield. Now GSP made injury to duck Hendricks for little.

  • On a point of order, does GSP not want to fight Big Rig or did I misunderstand the outcome of last Saturday's fight?

    I like Ellenberger. He's a very good fighter. My guess would be that his next match will be and should be Maia.

    Good luck with that, if it goes to the ground.

    • @truth….I'd love to see where Maia is at in a match up with berger. Thats an interesting matchup. And I don't think Maia has anyone booked.

      • @ Enjoy

        I really don't see a better or more viable divisional match-up, one that makes sense from the POV of ranking(s), contender status and current wins, that Maia / Ellenberger. I think it's a great match-up and I'm confident it will be put together and for the GSP / Hendricks card.

        I love Demian Maia. I have mad respect for him, both as a fighter and human being. He's like Mark Munoz, he's just a really nice, loveable guy and one of the best ground fighters out there, certainly the best ground fighter in the 170.

        Ellenberger is a great fighter, with a ton of skills, power and a great attitude.

        If it comes to pass, this will be a great fight. The winner, deserving of a title shot. My guess would be that JE would use his wrestling to keep it standing, as would be a wise idea. I would be rooting for Maia, one, because I love the guy and two, I would love to see him be GSP last fight @ 170, before calling it a day as Champ. Given, of course, that he beats Hendricks. Beating Maia would be one hell of a name to go out on. If he can beat those two, there's nothing else to prove and what a freaking win resume The Champ would have.

        One down, two more to go.

        • @Truth….I don't know where Rory fits into this equation…?

          he is riding on the back of the bus at the moment with GSP as the driver.

          I know he lost to condit back in 2010 but i'm not sure if the fans are that hyped for a rematch after condit's recent loss.

          He has also put together more consecutive recent wins than berger.

          Its complicated, If rory fought ellenberger and won he would find himself unable to challenge GSP being a training partner.

          So Ellenberger vs Maia makes sense

          any thoughts on rory's next opponent? I wouldn't mind seeing rory fight Matt Brown who is fighting Dan Hardy next. Brown is on a four fight win streak same as Rory.

          Brown is one of my favourite guys in the sport. Comes to fight hard and no trash talk.

          • @ Enjoy

            Yeah, I think Matt Brown would be a great choice for MacDonald. I've always been a big fan of The Immortal and where he had a rough, rough, entrance into The Promotion, he's really turned it around of late. He sits atop of a four fight win streak, with there of the four, coming by way of stoppage. I think he'd be a great challenge for Rory.

            And let's face it, Brown has earned a top-ten fighter. Actually, more to the point, I think one could make a strong argument that he should be ranked top-ten, himself. As example, I have to scratch my head how Koscheck, Lawler and even Saffiedine, are ranked a head of Brown. It makes no sense to me.

            In terms of MacDonald fighting GSP, I don't believe it will ever happen. Brown / MacDonald, after RM is back. Provided that Brown wins his next bout. Ellenberger / Maia for #1 contender. All sounds great to me, man.

          • @ Enjoy

            Oh…and regarding Condit / MacDonald, I agree with you 100%. Where the fight might have had some interest and for me, it made no sense, not with Condit coming off of a loss, that interest has evaporated. If for no other reason, that there's no back-story. It's just a loss and Rory wants to balance out his account with Condit. To be honest, career wise it was a stupid call. There was no benefit to RM and lots of downside.

            More to the point now, is that this fight is not likely to be scheduled. Condit with two losses and MacDonald on a four fight winning steak, these two are going in opposite directions. So, who to give to either, may be the question to ask.

            Champion: Georges St-Pierre

            1 Johny Hendricks
            2 Carlos Condit
            3 Rory MacDonald +1
            4. Jake Ellenberger +2
            5 Demian Maia
            6 Nick Diaz -3
            7 Martin Kampmann
            8 Tarec Saffiedine
            9 Robbie Lawler
            10 Josh Koscheck

            Off that list, who would you pick? If we both like Maia / Ellenberger, the winner looking for @ a title-shot and with us not looking to match Rory in a bout with a fighter coming off of a loss, I believe we'd have to look down the rankings. I think the only sensible match would be MacDonald / Saffiedine.

            Here's an interesting question, after two losses and in two title bouts, to two of the biggest, if not the biggest, fish in 170, who do you match Nick Diaz up with? There are a number of interesting options regarding The Stockton Bad Boy. I know this for sure, Nick needs a win. He's already dropped to the six spot, another loss would virtually knock him out of top-ten and I hate to say it, but that's what I predicted a number of months a go. That Nick will finish out the year, either at or near the bottom of the 170 top-ten ranking or be right off the list, all together. Top ten fighters don't sustain three and four fight losing streaks and maintain, their ranking.

            Good luck Nick. I hope he garners a win and proves me wrong. My guess is, if he were to drop out of top-ten, he'd probably throw his hands up in the air and quit, out of frustration. Which would be a drag, because problems and all, I think Nick Diaz is great for The Promotion and the sport.

            Time will tell.

          • @truth…I recall you making that prediction about Nick. At the moment there is really just fun or sludge matches for Nick available because he is not getting a title shot again…especially the way he has acted and has been talking about retirement. For Nick to get another title shot he would have to get two massive finishes and spend a month or two cleaning the floors of the UFC headquarters with a toothbrush. I don't want to see nick vs Condit again…I say throw him a fun fight with robbie brawler..A fight that will stay standing.. But saff seems like a good option unless Rory mans up and challenges GSP after a match with ellenberger

          • @ Enjoy

            Diaz / Lawler 2 would be a good fight to set. It also has a decent back-story and Nick would probably do his old thing, Lawler would probably feed into it. Yeah, I could see that as a great fight to watch.

            And Yeah, Nick is a long way from a title-shot and GSP won't be around, if and when that might happen. I really do believe that Rush is or has, formulated his exit strategy.

            GSP / MacDonald? Never going to happen, my friend.

            MacDonald / Diaz is a fight I'd like to see, regardless. I'd love to see Diaz taking on the guy who stomped all over his baby brother. Now, that….could be a great fight and who cares about the rankings on that one. I'd just love to see it.

          • @Truth…….That fight with Rory will definetly get the attention of DIAZ and I suspect Nate would want to see his brother avenge that loss…UFC could market the hell of out that and the animosity will be huge…I'd even say that Nick Diaz will be more fired up to smash Rory than GSP….Nate was apparently talkin smack to tri star ricci after UFc 158….

            BOOK IT DANA !

            How could Nick Diaz walk away from that Matchup ?

          • @Truth ….That could even be a headliner for a card later in the year!

    • If it goes to the ground Ellenberger loses. Standing up… Maia better get it to the ground.

  • i'm The Juggernaut biotch.