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Gina Carano Rumored To Have Signed With Bellator, ‘Big’ Fight Announcement Coming Tomorrow


Former Strikeforce women’s featherweight Gina Carano has been rumored to be making an awaited return to MMA for a huge title fight against dominant UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

With “Conviction’s” movie career hot having taken off as she may have hoped, talk of her Octagon debut first swirled earlier this year when Joe Rogan hinted at it this March. In mid-July, UFC President Dana White was quoted as saying he was going to get Carano signed that week, but apparently things got a bit “complicated.”

Today, however, news has come that the situation could get quite a bit messier if the following rumor from Hector Castro of Empire Sports (via Bloody Elbow) is true. Apparently Carano, who first rose to stardom under the watch of former Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, is headed to sign with the UFC’s nearest competitor Bellator, which Coker recently took over after Bjorn Rebney was ousted:

Now, of course it’s all just speculation (and of the wild variety, no less), but Bellator signing Carano out from under the UFC’s feet would be quite the media spectacle.

Adding fuel to the fire, Brian Rogers reported that a huge Bellator announcement is coming tomorrow, and everyone will be excited to hear it:

Former Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion, Marloes Coenen, who lost her belt to Miesha Tate before “Cupcake” was first submitted by Rousey, is also rumored to have signed with Bellator.

Is the UFC’s cash cow fight of Rousey vs. Carano about to fall apart after a last-minute power play by rival Bellator? The bout has been deemed as nothing more than a glorified squash match, as Carano has been out of action since a first round TKO loss to Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino in 2009.

There’s no doubt that Carano would have a much easier time fighting inside the Bellator age, and her return could be over before it starts if Rousey makes incredibly short work of her as she did to Sara McMann and Alexis Davis this year.

Although surprising, is fighting for Bellator the best course of action for Carano’s MMA return?

  • Unless its a 1 fight deal, this would be a VERY weird scenario! The Big money and fight is in the UFC, win or loose. Bellator wouldn't come close in terms of $$ (especially PPV money) unless Viacom made a ridiculously huge offer. Also a loss in the Bellator cage would damage Carano's career immensely, a loss to Ronda in the UFC, not so much cause that is what people expect with her taking on the #1 pound for pound female MMA fighter in the world. There's not shame in losing to Ronda. If she'd survive a couple of rounds, she'd be applauded for it. Very interested in seeing how this all unfolds and especially what the baldfather has to say about all this madness! Lol

  • If Carano signs with bellator I predict DW to start saying how irrelavent she is and how she wouldn't have gotten an immediate title shot anyway, blah blah blah. No matter what happens the UFC will spin it their way. If Carano wants to make a serious come back into MMA a fight against Rousey would have been a mistake, Money wise though its her best option. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Actually, Coenen vs Carano makes a LOT more sense than Rousey vs Carano. It is featherweight, not bantamweight, and these are both high-level MMA fighters, though not at the very top of their division ( like Rousey or Cyborg ). That's a fight serious MMA fans would actually care about! And it would be good for both, no matter the outcome. Coenen has been side lined for way too long. And Carano needs an MMA fight to get cred and reboot her fledling movie career. Here we go!

    • i love that fight and i wanna see it in the ufc because thats where coenen belongs. no way carano goes to bellator. shes only coming back for a big fight like ronda no other opponent can top that.

      • Yeah thats a great fight, should be in the UFC tho.

  • hahaha shes gonna be the ronda rousey of bellator xD

  • Wow, surprised, but completely impressed by Coker, Bellator and mostly by Carano if this is true. Now I can believe she is really into this comeback for fighting and not for some bs overhyped title fight which really isn't one. No more sportswriters lying to us in convincing us that fight is legit.