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Eddie Alvarez still waiting on offer from UFC


It almost seemed like a done deal once Dana White stated that he was interested in bringing Eddie Alvarez over into the UFC to compete with the top lightweights in the world. Because, as we all know, Dana gets what Dana wants (unless your name is Fedor). However, the former Bellator champion is still waiting on the phone to ring and an offer to be made. Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney revealed the news when he appeared on the MMA Weekly Radio show recently.

“I talked to Ed Sunday and there’s really no update in terms of us having received an offer from Ed through the UFC, so we don’t have an offer in front of us to match at this point,” Rebney said.

This is good news for Rebney as he can get his ducks in a row to make a matching offer as Bellator prepares to move to Spike TV, and hopefully a bigger audience. But it is rather interesting that White hasn’t made a move as of yet. Could it be because he has his hands full with preparing for 2013 and a slew of cards? Maybe it’s because the lightweight division is super stacked and he’s in no real rush to bring another into the mix. Or, could he have been a bit scared off by Hector Lombard’s performance in a losing effort to Tim Boetsch back in July.

Either way, Rebney is confident that a move will be made soon.

“Ed wants to see what the UFC would put down on paper in terms of a guarantee, and I would do the same if I were Ed,” Rebney continued. “So we’ll see what they offer and then I’ll sit down with our partners at Viacom and Spike and we’ll make a quick determination as to whether we’re going to match that offer, and we’ll figure out, Ed will either be fighting inside of our circle or inside of their Octagon.”

  • Alvarez vs Melendez one day I hope!

    • Alvarez vs Guillard is a dream match up. We know Guillard has had a few hiccups of late but stylistically it has the hallmarks of Daley – Diaz but with better quality.

  • I rather Aoki come to UFC..

    • The guy who just got easily KO'd by Alvarez?

      • Yeah, the guy who submitted Alvarez in less than two minutes in the first round. That's the guy, LOL. Aoki is 31-6, Eddie is 24-3. They both will come to the UFC eventually…

        • Aokis goose is cooked mate. Chins gone.