With the ongoing influx of event and fight cancellations, injuries have undoubtedly been the most prominent topic of 2012. Coaches, trainers, promoters, fighters and even fans have all weighed in on the matter, with fingers being pointed towards everything from inefficient training methods to contractually prohibited activity that can be deemed as dangerous.

With that said, of all the fighters walking the line of danger, Donald Cerrone can be considered one of the riskiest. Riding everything from motorcycles to jet skis to 800lb raging steroid-fuelled bulls and now wakeboards. It’s no surprise then that Cerrone has recently decided to pursue a professional career in the watersport known as wakeboarding.

Knowing full well the risks and dangers, Cerrone admitted that he’d have to have a chat with Dana White before pursuing such an ambition. For more on the subject, check out what he had to say in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani.

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