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Cody Garbrandt & TJ Dillashaw Go Off In Heated Twitter War


There’s been much speculation as to whether or not UFC 213’s anticipated Cody Garbrandt vs. TJ Dillashaw fight will actually take place on the July 8 card from Vegas.

The two bitter rivals have been going all-out to bash each other on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 25: Redemption, with former champion Dillashaw’s team taking a commanding 5-0 lead.

The chance to settle those differences is in jeopardy although, as “No Love” went to Germany to receive special treatment for a back injury. He did so, and tweeted he was back in the United States yesterday. That’s when an all-out Twitter war with Dillashaw broke out after Garbrandt affirmed Dillashaw would get his:

Garbrandt took it to a new level responding to an article about “The Viper’s” view that he was ‘mentally weak,’ suggesting that Dillashaw had used PEDs during his run as champion and has not not knocked anyone out – or even down – in the year since:

“No Love” insisted he was focused on getting himself back to health, and the rest would fall into place:

Dillashaw then fired back that his team was 5-0, so he must be sharing his PEDs with them:

Garbrandt responded by noting the show didn’t matter as much as their eventual match-up:

Dillashaw then fired back with the insistence that Garbrandt was downplaying the importance of a venture all the fighters on their season of TUF had put their lives into what he called just a ‘reality show’:

So the beef between two of the world’s top bantamweights has been heightened to an all-new level; something it may not have needed in the first place.

But the real question is when the fight will actually take place based on “No Love’s” back issues are legitimately cleared up. With UFC 213 lacking a true main event and the UFC struggling for true top bouts in 2017, the promotion will be looking for one of their rising stars to make it to the octagon on time.

  • Juan Diablo

    Hmm, a few people have made comments about the snake taking PEDs. He hasn’t sat anyone down since USADA came in, I don’t believe. He’s a shady dude, wouldn’t be surprised if he juiced

    • JamesC

      He doesn’t look different. But he has faced better competition. In his last fight against lineker he had an incredibly impressive performance. If that is him w/o juice. He will be just fine.

      • Juan Diablo

        Strong post, none of your points can be disputed. The Lineker fight was incredible, and Lineker does have an iron chin- no one is going to knock him out. TJ does look the same, there is no obvious change in his body composition either

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    How does one get injured hanging out on a reality show?
    I haven’t watched them in ten years
    Are they more dangerous then they used to be?

    Did somebody’s upper decker get out of control and people got hurt?