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Chad Mendes: I’m Next In Line For The Title Shot


Chad ‘Money’ Mendes put on a clinical performance against Clay Guida at last night’s UFC 164, scoring a TKO win in the third round and becoming the first man to finish Guida by strikes. Mendes moves to 4-1 in his last five, the loss coming to Jose Aldo, and 15-1 overall. Since the January 2012 loss to Aldo, Mendes has racked up four consecutive T/KO wins, starching Cody McKenzie, Yaotzin Meza, Darren Elkins and Guida.

People are starting to look at Mendes as the next potential title challenger at FW, although he is yet to score a win over a top five opponent since his last title run. With such a stacked top end at 145, it may be one more fight before Mendes can be taken seriously for the shot.

Check out Mendes’ post fight interview, courtesy of MMAFighting.com, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • yea, if only he was a 135er, he'd be monsterous!!! i think you meant 1 stacked top end at "145"

  • And this was a bad stoppage as well! Why am I the only expert who saw that?

    • You're not.

      Clay is known for his chin, he should've gotten more time. That wasn't any worse than when Clay got knocked down by Diego Sanchez's kick. And wow, what a good sport Clay Guida is.

      • It could have went longer and it probably should've but don't think it really matters, Guida was trapped face down a.s.s. up and was getting bombed on.
        Also Guida was wobbly when he got up and didn't protest.

        Think it was fair

  • D

    He has to be taken seriously for a title shot right now.


    The #1 contender is supposed to get the title shot. That said, he's probably not going to get the next one. The rest of the top 5 is the Zombie, who just lost to Aldo, Edgar, who has only one fight since losing to Edgar, and Lamas and Cub Swanson, who are both on impressive win streaks. I say give Lamas the next shot based on his win over Swanson, make Swanson Mendes' next victim. Mendes can get his shot after that. 5-0 with 5 KO/TKO stoppages will be very hard to ignore.

    Pettis can give TJ Grant the shot he deserves, and by then, I'm sure there will be another contender for him at 155.

    • I agree Lamas should get that next shot. Mendes is on a crazy roll but the competition beaten is muuuch better in Lamas' favour.

  • D

    I know I'm going to take some flak from Aldo fans for saying this, but Chad Mendes also deserves another shot at Aldo for the simple fact that the KO was a pretty direct result of Aldo blatantly grabbing the fence to defend his takedown attempts.

    At 1:06 of the first round, Aldo throws a combination and attempts to finish with a low kick, but Mendes ducks under his punches, catches the kick, and briefly dumps Aldo, who immediately springs back to his feet, with Mendes on his back. Aldo walks them to the cage, and leans against it, with one hand on the corner post. At 0:53, Mendes completely elevates Aldo. Aldo defends this by reaching back and grabbing the fence, preventing a likely slam takedown. Yamasaki tells him "don't grab the fence" but does not give him an official warning. At 0:46, Mendes again elevates Aldo, but this time he is unable to turn Aldo, and Aldo lands on his hands and knees and springs back to his feet. At 0:40, Aldo is resting the back of his hand against the cage, and Yamasaki again warns him not to grab it. Aldo lifts his hand to show that he is not grabbing the fence. At 0:14, Aldo grabs the fence to prevent Mendes from elevating him again, but fails to do so. However, he lands on one foot, and immediately grabs the fence AGAIN to regain his balance. At this point, (with Mendes arms likely fatigued from elevating Aldo three times, and holding position on his back for nearly a minute) Aldo finally separates Mendes hands, turns, and capitalizes with a beautiful knee.

    In my opinion, the first fence grab was intentional and blatant enough to warrant an immediate point deduction. At the very least, Yamasaki should have made it clear that if it happened again it would be a point deduction. And when it did happen, 30 seconds later, Yamasaki should have separated the fighters and deducted a point, which would have put Mendes in the second round with probably a 10-8 lead.

    You can't change the outcome of the first fight now, but at least give Mendes his fair shot.

  • Mendes is only the second fighter in the history of the UFC to have 4 KOs in a row… that's impressive.
    Still think Lamas should be next though

  • four KOs is great and all but clay was really the only win with a top level fighter. This is one thing I like about bellator with the tournaments you never have to worry about who next for the title fight. I personally who like to see him fight lamas or cub.

    • D

      Darren Elkins is 7-2 in the UFC since 2010. That's a pretty solid win for Mendes too.

  • In line for another knee to the face…..put him vs Lamas while Aldo does Pettis.