Dan Henderson: I would rather fight Jon Jones than Rashad Evans


Dan Henderson has come forward with his preference for his promised UFC title fight, and he is pulling no punches concerning the reasons why. Henderson said that he would rather fight Jon Jones than Rashad Evans due to how their respective styles match up. He had the following to say on the subject:

“I think Jon Jones is a better fight for me. His style matches up better. Jones will stand-up with me more. Rashad is real well-rounded, he’ll stand and bang with me a little, but he’ll be trying to put me on my back—a lot more than Jones would. Jones is real awkward and kind of poses a different threat. He’s awkward, unorthodox and a little tougher to figure out, and that’s also what intrigues me about it—he’s different.”
– Via bleacherreport.com

It seems that Henderson has his own reasons to prefer a fight with Jones, and would welcome the challenge. Either fighter brings an incredible skill set to the table and is extremely dangerous. From the look of things, he will enter his title shot with the mentality of keeping the fight standing.

Henderson has been on an absolute tear as of late, besting Rafael Cavalcante for the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight belt, knocking out the legendary Fedor Emelianenko, and then beating Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in what many thought was the best fight of 2011. Dana White has stated that he has earned a title shot in his next fight, and it appears this will most likely be at Light Heavyweight after he said this about fighting at 185 lbs:

“I’m not real keen on fighting 185 right now unless it’s Anderson, so if Chael wins, I’d maybe still fight Anderson. Who knows?”

In any case, expect Dan Henderson’s next fight to be a largely hyped, hotly contested bout.

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  • just like Rashad, im pretty sure Jones will bang a then try to put you on your back or just control you with those long arms… dont matter who you fight just make sure you land one H Bomb and knock either one of them please..

  • This guy is either delusional or he has never seen Jon Jones fight before.
    Way to contradict yourself, Dan.

  • the real difference is that when rashad would revert to wrestling like a wet blanket and piss you off, jones would take your back and put you to sleep, neither are gonna stand if you tag them

  • Exactly. Apparently he didn’t see fights against Rua, Hamill, Bader, or realize that Jones is a game-planning nazi.

    Jones will have most doubtlessly seen Dan’s fights with Jake and Rua. It doesn’t take a genius like Jackson (although he’s there anyway) to see that Dan’s takedown defense is not that good for a top tier fighter, and his positioning off his back when it hits the ground is almost non-existent.

  • No matter who dan fights nexT , I hope he will lose and get hurt !
    karma is a bitch , hendo got lucky against a much better fighter than him ( FEDOR) ;but now he must pay.

  • Steroids cloud ones thinking

  • While I don’t think Jones is invincible, HEndo would have a much easier time with Rashad.

  • This makes me think two things…

    1) Dan knows that, chances are, he be fighting Jones next and he’s already trying to get in his head. In that case, clever.

    2) Dan actually believes this, in which case, he absorbed too many blows to the head against Rua.

    Yes, Rashad, the guy who hasn’t had a submission win since 2004, is a more well-rounded fighter.

  • Yea, you tell that terrible little LHW how it is!

  • Hes that way at every fight Dan “Fearless” Henderson. If he doesnt get pinned on his back, hes hell to deal with.

  • idk, I watched the Fedor fight again last night and Dan was on one knee and punched under Fedor’s armpit to connect and KO him. So fast.

  • Dan is in his 40’s now. Prime time for men to lose their testosterone count. If its not over, Im ok with it. They have limits for a reason.

  • Everyone knew Randy Couture was using TRT and no one said jack about TRT until Cjael Sonnen, yea, that how loud and whiney his fans are for the MOST part, not all.

  • randy never test over the limit!!

  • To be fair, he doesn’t say that he doesn’t respect Jones’ skill. He only says that they match up better. In fact he says “He’s awkward, unorthodox and a little tougher to figure out, and that’s also what intrigues me about it”. This implies respect.

  • Dan (and Fedor) was also swinging away recklessly. He got rocked twice and the fight was won on a coin toss. If he does that against Jones it will be a different outcome because Jones won’t play that game. He will disengage and reset.

  • randy was on GH if anything. and you cant test for that. duh.

  • That was a crazy punch from out of nowhere! I couldn’t believe it when I saw out. And I had to rewind the shot over and over again just to see what happened!