Yair Rodriguez’s coach explains why he thinks that every MMA fighter needs to take part in such a brutal fight like his fighter was involved in. Rodriguez put on one of the greatest knockouts in UFC history. This came against “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung in the headliner of the UFC Denver event on FOX Sports 1.

It was one of the best fights of the year that surpassed expectations going into it. That is all fine and good according to Rodriguez’s coach Israel Martinez. However, he does think that it was a good learning lesson for his fighter. An experience that is the sort of career-changing, which can transform a good fighter into a great one

“We believe every fighter needs one of those.” Martinez said Monday on The MMA Hour. “It’s one of those things you tell a young athlete. You tell a young fighter, even the older guys: You need to get your ass kicked to kinda be woken up a little bit. You need to go through some dirty fights, some trenches. But you don’t need to do that every day.”

Yair Rodriguez’s Coach Explains His Standpoint

Martinez does understand that this is a one-off kind of situation as to not to do it every day. If that’s the case then it could lead to some big problems down the road.

“You don’t need to get punched in the head every day. And that’s one of those fights that we’re gonna have in our bag. We’re always going to be able to pull out all the things we’re learned from that. But there’s no way we want that type of fight again.”

Rodriguez’s coach believes at the end of the day that his fighter is beat up and it’s going to stick with him. Thus, they have to take the positives from that experience and move forward with it.

“Those things are deadly. Yair is beat up, and that’s going to be stuck in his head. Good and bad, for the rest of his life. So we want to make sure that we take the positives over the negatives and move forward.”

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