As MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) heads in to a new era, the sport sensationalized at the turn of the century as ‘the fastest growing sport in the world’ struggles to shake off it’s ugly past. Drugs in combat sports have been rife for years now, and were pretty much the staple diet of any UFC champion in the dark ages. With the world’s largest MMA promotion now seeking to clean it’s rather marred image, new drug testing policies have been announced, and it’s about time too.

Former UFC middleweight champion and all-time great Anderson Silva is perhaps the most shocking PED (performance enhancing drug) failure of all time, but he’s not alone in the list of champions that have been caught at one time or another. TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) was thankfully ousted from the sport, but not before ex title holder like Frank Mir, Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson (Pride FC) were able to use it to an unknown degree.

So the UFC is looking to clamp down, and stricter 2 year competition bans are rightly in place, but is this likely to actually end the steroid epidemic in MMA, or simply make dishonest athletes go that extra mile to cover their roidy tracks?

The UFC press conference at 2 PM ET today should hopefully clear up some of our questions, as the promotion goes live on youtube to address the ever-present issue. Join us here at LowKickMMA to watch the live streaming UFC Press Conference, where they will discuss and debate the promotion’s new stance on drug cheats, testing and more!