Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort has called for fights against “legends” Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.

The Brazilian is currently signed for ONE Championship, however he is yet to make his promotional debut due to the pandemic.

Speaking with TMZ Sports Belfort said “Listen, I told my agent, ‘Come on man, stop the bs. Tell them to sign the contract. Get these legends.’ I heard that Anderson Silva got released, so we got some (potential opponents). I want Chael Sonnen, I really want to shut his mouth. We were supposed to fight one time but he got caught up in steroids or whatever it was, drugs. I’m ok with it. You can take whatever you want. I will beat your ass. Chael Sonnen, let’s go man.”

Belfort then goes on to talk about Sonnen and his trash talking antics “Chael knows. Chael, listen man, you’re a big talker, you’re a great salesman, let’s go. You will sell the fight and after I whip you, your mom is going to root for me. Chael’s family likes Vitor Belfort, they don’t like Chael. Even his family don’t like Chael.”

Then when speaking about Silva the 43-year-old said “Anderson you know, he’s living off off that kick so forget it. Let’s go. It’s time to go. I’m a fine wine and so unfortunately in sports, they don’t treat the finer wines so well. But look, Tom Brady and Drew Brees and many other athletes are proving wrong and I think if we can bring the legends back in an entertaining segment with fights that makes sense, I’m all in.” (Transcribed by

Belfort previously faced Anderson Silva for the UFC Middleweight title at UFC 126 in Las Vegas when Silva landed the famous front kick in the first round to retain his title. While Belfort was expected to face Sonnen at UFC 175 however, Sonnen failed a random drug test which resulted in him being removed from the bout.

Would you like to see Belfort fight Sonnen or Silva?