Videos: Lesnar Hunts, XARM Has a Rival, + More

Brock Lesnar is giddy as a school girl after stalking around the woods (okay, more like lumbering around the woods) in pursuit of a whitetail deer.  What can you say, the big man loves to hunt.  His claim that the whitetail deer is one of the most difficult animals to hunt is severely undermined, however, when he misses his first shot at the buck and it is kind enough to prance out in the open to give him a better one.  Ernest Hemingway hunted lions, Brock.  And he was just some sissy writer.

After the jump: some Kung Fu Football, and how they hype a fight in Japan.

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CP reader and Fight! Magazine writer Neal Taflinger was kind enough to share this with me.  It’s called “Combaton” and it’s allegedly a cross between kung fu and football.  Really it’s just dudes running around kicking each other while the audience breathlessly awaits the “tornado spin kick.”  And XARM thought they had the stupid sports market cornered.  Hardly.

(Props: Old, Bald & Irish.)

UFC Countdown” it ain’t, but this is how they’re hyping K-1′s World Max 2009 Final 16 in Japan.  Yuichiro “Jienotsu” Nagashima has his own sense of style, but that’s only part of what’s really confusing to me about this whole segment.  Somehow I get the feeling that even if I understood what they were saying this still wouldn’t make any sense.