Video: Yoel Romero Blasts Gay Marriage At UFC Fight Night 70

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Although he may have scored what definitely ranks as his biggest UFC win by defeating former champion Lyoto Machida (video highlights here) in the main event of last night’s (Sat., June 27, 2015 UFC Fight Night 70 from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, the ‘Soldier of God’ didn’t do himself any favors by blasting the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions to finally allow gay marriage on Friday.

The notoriously religious Romero spoke out against the decision, urging Americans to ‘go with Jesus, but not Gay Jesus.’ It was a bizarre moment that his employers understandably found to be bit inappropriate, as the surging contender was forced to issue an apology at the event’s post-fight presser.

Watch his questionable post-fight speech above.


  1. What do you expect from a Christian? I thought the speech was pathetically bad timing, so stupid to say something like that, but that’s what he believes in. You know ol Zip loved that. Romero just won be $300+ thank you Mr Bible Thumper.

    • It depends the kind of chrisitan who would immediately forgive a racist monster from killing their friends and family like in Charleston doesnt seem like the same christian as these type of idiots.

      As a libertarian (not neo liberal classical liberal) it pretty obvious restricting peoples acces to marriage and forcing them to live by the definitions of abrahmaic faiths is against having personal liberty which is one of the most un american things possible. People often don’t understand the forefathers were deist not christian, and that the 14 th amendment was being trampled. Luckily the supreme court also agreed. Justice Kennedy’s (who is a conservative) remarks were incredibly moving to me even as a completely hetero dude with three kids and a wife (who was always a women).

    • Oh Space, I’m touched. You remember me! Who would have thought you would be on this side of this issue? A man’s harry ass, stinky feet, facial stubble? I got none of that. Hate’s your man . . . Keep thumpin those asses kid.

  2. I don’t know why after winning the biggest fight of your life, you would spend the post-fight interview on this. Made me facepalm

  3. Good.

    I dont really have anything against gheys being ghey and doing their own thing in their own territory, I have a problem with them forcing their agenda on other peoples communities.

    Just like nobody forces you to abide by or justify Christian values, the gall of these scumbags to force everybody else in the country to recognize and justify their lifestyle choice.

    Being ghey is not like your race or gender or the color of your skin that you’re born with, its a lifestyle choice. Every lib scientist in the biz could never prove the “ghey gene”.

    Whats next, force everybody to legally recognize people who eat their own isht because its their lifestyle choice. Maybe everybody doesn’t want a ghey bondage disco and a dooky king restaurant in the community were they raise their children.

    • I don’t care if someone marries a goat, I’m against tyranny…. forcing someone to issue a marriage license or perform a ceremony that is against their personal beliefs is tyrannical.
      The SCOTUS also overstepped their bounds by ruling on something of which they have no authority. Justices Kagan and Ginsburg should have also recused themselves from the vote, being that they both have openly advocated for gay marriage in the past. Their personal opinion cannot hold sway over their vote, but it did.

  4. I dont think people should be allowed to have their own opinions on issues if they are not in line with what pop culture says is hot right now.

  5. Ive listened to it multiple times and I think people misunderstood him. It sounds to me like he said “Go for Jesus, No forget Jesus”. The whole beginning of his speech was him saying how America has forgotten Jesus, so it doesn’t really make sense that he would suddenly throw something about being gay into the mix. Even if he was saying something about gays though who cares, I don’t agree with his opinion and I can move on.

  6. What a gay news story, sounds like a whole lot of making something out of nothing.
    What good is freedom of speech if someone is just going to be crucified in the media for having a different opinion.

      • There’s a difference between reacting and trying to publicly shame or discriminate against someone for their opinion. Society is one giant oversensitive clitoris, people are constantly manipulated into thinking certain ways.

  7. Haha fuck! Until this point i was thinking it was all an assumption and exaggeration but just found it sounded like he said “gay jesus”! Hahahaha! There is no “gay” Jesús there is only 1 Jesus and God and nobody has what it takes to label any of them so I don’t see the need for feeling ofended. After listening careful he is trying to say don’t or no forget jesus and says/sounds like gay jesus.


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