The mixed martial arts (MMA) world is abuzz with the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC)’s decision to suspend popular fighter Nick Diaz an unprecedented five years and fine him 33 percent of his $500,000 purse for failing a drug test for marijuana in conjunction with his UFC 183 bout against Anderson Silva.

While it was no surprise that Diaz was dealt a harsh punishment given that it was his third such infraction, it was the manner in which he was given it that is currently causing quite the uproar online. The NAC cited Diaz’ insistence to repeatedly not comply with the simple rules and regulations laid forth, which they believe he blatantly violated on several occasions.

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But that is their belief, and the fact that many fighters have been given far lesser consequences for far more dangerous offenses is what’s making this a mess. Diaz’ lawyer Lucas Middlebrooks found several flaws in the testing procedures used to collect Diaz’ samples, and it appears he angered the NAC with the thoroughness of his findings.

They also understandably wanted to question Diaz himself, but the fighter chose to plead the Fifth Amendment as is his right, visibly angering Commissioner Pat Lundvall, who stated that could be viewed as negative. And boy, did it turn out negative.

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However, Diaz’ repeated pleading of the Fifth at Lundvall’s insistence of asking each and every question she had just as a formality was pure awkward gold. Watch the full video of it from MMA Weekly above.