Video: Jon Jones Hits Mitts With More Power, But Less Speed?

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After he was reinstated to the UFC following a trying 2015 where he was stripped of his title due to felony hit-and-run charges stemming from an April incident in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the MMA world awaits the return of legendary former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

‘Bones’ has granted those fans a unique insight into the training for his return, posting repeated videos and pictures of himself working out where it appeared he had put on a great deal of muscle mass. That mass has apparently translated into some extra power for the more fleet of foot and agile Jones, but at least one man close to the situation doesn’t believe that will truly help him regain the belt.

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In a recent interview, Daniel Cormier, the current titleholder who will face bitter rival Jones for the belt in his comeback, stated he believed that getting that much bigger and stronger will take away from the strengths that made Jones special. In a video of ‘Bones’ hitting the mitts posted online today, it looks like the former P4P king indeed has a great deal of newfound power, but it could come at the expense of his speed.

Watch the session right here and see what you think: