Video: Jenna Jameson Okay; Pressing Charges Against Ortiz *UPDATED*

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Jenna Jameson is asked by a TMZ reporter if she plans to press charges against her longtime boyfriend, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, for allegedly assaulting her in their Huntington Beach, CA home earlier today, to which she replies, “Of course.”

When asked by the cameraman about what transpired that morning, Jenna said she couldn’t talk about it, but reassured him that, both she and her twin 13-month-old boys would be fine.

“Everything is okay,” Jameson said. “He’s in jail.”

Video of Ortiz’s arrest after the jump.

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*UPDATE* TMZ posted the photo below of Jameson emerging from a CVS drugstore sporting a newly purchased elbow brace.

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**Below is a new video of Jenna telling TMZ that Tito “lashed out” at her and how she feels “betrayed” by his actions, considering all that she “stood by him through.”

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