Prior to this week’s International Fight Week, there wasn’t a UFC event on tap this weekend, making it devoid of high-profile MMA events save for Friday night’s Bellator 201.

However, that didn’t prevent one of the strangest events you’ve ever seen in a mixed martial arts (MMA) cage from occurring at last night’s Colosseum Combat 45 when longtime competitor Travis Fulton met journeymen heavyweight Jonathan Ivey.

Ivey used a rarely-seen move by faking a heart attack and then sucker punching Fulton, dropping him to the ground for what could have potentially been fight-ending ground and pound.

But after a short while, Ivey, who’s apparently a Fulton fan and even has a tattoo of him (yes, he has a tattoo of the opponent he sucker punched), had a change of heart and decided to take a step back and tap out to give the victory to his hero.

Yes, this actually happened. Watch it via Caposa on Twitter here: