Video| FEN 31 Full Results & Highlights


FEN MMA went global today (Sat. November 28) with FEN 31 beaming out to the world from the Hotel Hilton in Łódź, Poland. This event was only the second time in the Polish promotion’s history that a PPV option was available to international audiences. They aim to continue their push into new markets in 2021.

Headlining the event was a clash between local rivals Daniel Rutkowski and Adrian Zieliński. This contest was the second meeting between the two, with Rutkowski earning himself a unanimous decision victory in their first clash in 2019.

Rutkowski’s featherweight title was set to be on the line; unfortunately, Zieliński came in heavy on the scales. The poor weight cut did little to help the 33-year-old as Rutkowski controlled the bout from start to finish, mixing his striking game with grappling, permanently keeping Zieliński on the back foot.

The bout was still an entertaining affair as Zieliński kept looking for an opening to change the course of the tide, but after Rutkowski opened up a heavy gash above Zieliński’s right eye in the third round, the end result seemed inevitable. It came as no surprise to anyone watching when the judges unanimously gave the win to Rutkowski.

A Bloody Co-Main Event

The co-main event was a good old fashioned barn burner between heavyweights Paweł Trybała and Łukasz Borowski. Both men came out to a fast start, throwing heavy shots and looking to land early. In particular, Borowski appeared willing to push the pace, and even if his technique was not of the highest order, you could not fault his willingness to trade inside the pocket with Trybała.

However, in the second, Trybała landed a shot to the heavily cauliflowered left ear of Borowski, which caused it to burst open and begin bleeding heavily. The injury meant that the referee had little choice other than to step in and stop the contest. 

Two Champions Are Crowned

Earlier in the night, Marcin Wójcik captured the vacant light heavyweight title after he stopped Adam Kowalski in the fourth round. Wójcik unleashed a series of brutal strikes after taking Kowalski’s back, forcing the ref to bring the proceedings to a halt. Denmark’s flag was also flying high after Jonas Magard overcame Poland’s Sebastian Romanowski to claim the vacant bantamweight strap. The pair went back in forth in a fight that had several eye catching moments and was never short of action.

FEN MMA is a relative newcomer on the international MMA scene, but FEN 31 showed that the company has the potential to become a player in the MMA landscape.The company will return on Feb 6 with FEN 32.

Full Results

  • Featherweight: Daniel Rutkowski def. Adrian Zieliński via Unanimous Decision
  •  Heavyweight: Paweł Trybała def. Łukasz Borowski via RD2 TKO 
  • Light Heavyweight Championship: Marcin Wójcik def. Adam Kowalski via RD4 TKO
  • Bantamweight Championship: Jonas Magard def. Sebastian Romanowski via Unanimous Decision
  • Middleweight: Marcin Naruszczka def. Ivan Čosić via Split Decision
  • Lightweight: Kacper Formela def. Edgar Davalos via Unanimous Decision
  • Light Heavyweight: Marcin Filipczak def. Saeed Younsi via RD1 TKO