Video: Ali Abdelaziz Swings On Colby Covington In Casino Buffet Brawl

New UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman reached the highest point of his competitive career when he smattered former champ Tyron Woodley in the co-main event of last night’s (Sat., March 2, 2019) UFC 235 from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

”The Nigerian Nightmare’ celebrated in the Octagon with his daughter. Yet when he walked out of that cage, his focus was only on one person.

That was former interim welterweight champion Colby Covington. “Chaos” flew to Vegas and began causing a whole lot of it. He crashed open workouts with a megaphone and even tracked down Dana White gambling at The Palms.

He was also seen attending the fight and paying close attention near the cage. Usman has repeatedly called out the outspoken wrestler, but Covington has avoided it to this day.

Rushed Chaos

That changed when he won the gold and Covington was declared the number one contender. The new champ obviously has some pent-up aggression towards Covington, as he rushed him right after walking out of the Octagon:

But things were taken to a new level in Las Vegas today when Usman, his manager Ali Abdelaziz, and other members of their crew ran into Covington at a casino buffet.

Chaotic Casino Scene

The two sides nearly brawled with Covington appearing outnumbered. Perhaps the worst aspect of it was that there were several women and children around who were visibly and justifiably scared. That didn’t stop Abdelaziz was swinging wildly at Covington. He missed.

Chaos abounds as the other patrons tried to get away. Casino employees and security tried to defuse the situation and keep the sides separated, which they apparently accomplished following a few tense minutes. Police were not called to the altercation after security escorted everyone out.

Watch it courtesy of TMZ Sports right here:

Usman and ‘Chaos’ will meet at a yet-to-be-determined event. The new champ reportedly came into UFC 235 with a broken foot. He could take some time to recover from it before his first title defense.

When he does, he’ll have what will assuredly rate as his most bitter rivalry waiting for him. That’s usually how it plays out when your manager is throwing blows restrained by security in a casino full of old ladies.