Marshall Zelaznik (UFC’s Managing Director of International Development) had this to say to….

“The network that we were on is DSF. DSF broadcasts from within Bavaria, which is one of the states in Germany, where Munich is located. So the TV licensing authority in Bavaria is the one that withdrew the approvals for the UFC to air on television.

“We have actually filed a lawsuit against the licensing authority there, the BLM. So we’re in the middle of litigation with the BLM, basically asserting our right that we thought it was improper to remove the UFC from television.”

“We were able to secure one of the leading sports websites (in Germany). The group is called, they’re I think the number two or three most trafficked German language sports website, so they have become our sort of official German language partner for (UFC 122).”

“There are networks that broadcast from within other states in Germany that have shown interest in the UFC, but aren’t prepared to commit to the UFC until this lawsuit is resolved. So we have options once the litigation is gone. Depending on what happens at which level and who appeals what, the soonest (we could resolve the litigation) would be around six months, but it could be another nine to 12 months.”

I am not quite sure if the PPV is going to be free to everyone or just to Germany. Here is the ufc page on……..

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