UFC Fighters Offer Support To Joe Rogan After Viral Video Details Repeated Use Of N-Word

Joe Rogan

A host of UFC fighters, both past and present have offer their support and rallied behind promotional color commentator, Joe Rogan, after a video of compiled clips from his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience detailed repeated use of the n-word.

Rogan, was the subject of accusations last week of spreading and promoting “dangerous misinformation” on his podcast regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations. And as a result of the backlash, musicians, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young both requested their respective music libraries be removed from the streaming platform, Spotify. 

Joe Rogan penned an exclusive deal with streaming platform, Spotify back in May 2020, worth in excess of $100 million

This week, however, a video compilation made its way across social media, which detailed Rogan’s repeated use of the n-word on his podcast, on no less than 23 separate instances.

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Addressing the video, Rogan maintained that he had “f*cked up” but noted that a lot of those clips in question had been taken out of context, explaining how in many instances he was quoting fellow comedians, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, and Paul Mooney. 

Whilst the UFC have yet to officially address the recent accusations brought against both Rogan and his podcast, as well as the viral video detailing his use of the n-word, it is currently unknown if the color commentator will return to the commentary booth for UFC 271 next weekend in Houston, Texas.

However, a slew of both former and UFC fighters have shared their thoughts on Rogan’s current situation, including the likes of Ben Askren, Jake Shields, Frankie Edgar, Josh Thomson, Marlon Vera, Din Thomas, and fellow comedian, Brendan Schaub.

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“I’ll do ya one better @Shanemgillis,” Brendan Schaub tweeted. “If they cancel @joerogan every comic (Joe) Rogan has ever helped should pull their podcast off Spotify. I’m down.

“Not a single person that’s every (sic) meet Joe Rogan has accused him of being a racist,” Jake Shields tweeted. “These new attacks are a joke and Joe should just tell them to f*ck off. People on the right disagree with much or (sic) what Joe Rogan says but they respect his right to say it and have open discussions. People on the left disagree with much of what he says so they want him banned.” 

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“I’ll take Joe Rogan over all these bozos!” Frankie Edgar tweeted.

“This world and nation are in a strange place right now and the people who bring dialogue in seek of the truth are not our enemies,” Josh Thompson tweeted. “@joerogan is a friend with a huge heart for everyone. (closed fist emoji) (hands praying emoji).”

“.@joerogan is my boy,” Din Thomas tweeted.


“I support @joerogan,” Marlon Vera tweeted.

“If they cancel Joe (Rogan) they can cancel anyone,” Ben Askren tweeted. “Time to stand up people.”