Former interim champion Carlos Condit returned from more than 14 months out of the cage to face fellow former top contender Thiago Alves in the main event of tonight’s (Sat., May 30, 2015) UFC Fight Night 67 from the Goiania Arena in Goiania, Brazil.

Looking to make up for lost time, Condit threw first with a high kick. Alves countered with a high kick of his own, pushing the action but not throwing a ton of volume. Condit rushed forward with a combination ended by a kick, and continued with another. Condit kept up a stream of varied strikes, but Alves was successful in blocking them for the most part. ‘The Natural Born Killer’ snapped a lead elbow and Alves a hard low kick, which turned into by far his best strikes. Condit kept winging combinations but Alves’ kicks were doing damage as they clinched briefly. Condit responded with a multiple combos but ate more low kicks and a big right hand as the bell sounded.

Condit kicked off the second frame with a combo, which was contered with a leg kick from Alves. Condit umed in the pocket to land a hard combo, but Alves kept up his hard low kicks. Condit rocked Alves quickly with a left, rushing in to swarm with a barrage of ground shots on a badly bleeding Alves. Shots rained down, as Condit softened his opponent up with elbows and a big knee ‘The Natural Born Killer’ was al of the sudden put in a tight choke from Alves and the fighters broke to begin trading strikes. Condit rushed forward with a huge right and elbows as he scored a huge bodylock slam, taking Alves’ back to lock on a choke. He released to land more punches, pounding the ultra-tough Alves. They went back on the feet and Alves was still winging kicks and a left as Condit ended the crazy second round with a flurry.

In between rounds, the cageside doctors took a look at Alves’ broken nose and decided they had no other choice but to stop the fight, earning a bloody and grinding return win for “The Natural Born Killer.”

Final Result: Carlos Condit def. Thiago Alves via R2 TKO (doctor stoppage, 5:00)

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