UFC 232 Results: Mike Chiesa Submits Carlos Condit

UFC 232 results
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An exciting welterweight contest takes center stage at UFC 232 before the two title fights as Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit welcomes Mike “Mav” Chiesa to the divition.

Condit (30-12) will be looking for his first win since 2015. He has fallen hard tough times as of late losing his last four straight inside the Octagon. He hopes to regain his old form against the younger Chiesa.

As for Chiesa (13-4), after reaching the top of the lightweight divition “Mav” hopes the move up in weight will allow for better performances. He has lost his last two but hopes to bounce back in a big way at UFC 232.

Round One

Chiesa takes center cage but Condit throws a head kick to start. The fighters clinch and Chiesa looks to get the fight to the ground. He trips Condit and ends up on top of Condit. Condit looks for an armbar, Chiesa spins out. Condit is very active off his back and scrambles free and back to his feet. Chiesa trips Condit again but takes it a bit slower this time as he maneuvers on top.

The former lightweight is taking his time but ends up defending an armbar from Condit. Its deep but Chiesa manages to pull his arm free. The fighters stand briefly as Chiesa gets his third takedown of the round. Condit spins for a knee and ends up with an ankle. Condit spinning trying to get the sub. The round ends with the fighterstangled up.

Round Two

Condit lands a one-two to start but Chiesa answers with a combo of his own. He grabs Condit and gets the fight to the ground. He looks for a kimura, Condit defends for a second but Chiesa cranks and gets the tap.

Mike Chiesa defeats Carlos Condit via submission (kimura) at 56 seconds of round two