Tyron Woodley Says He Is Too Old School For Performance-Enhancing Drugs

(Woodley pictured here, channeling the inner Popeye after a between-rounds can of spinach. Photo: Tom Szczerbowski for USA TODAY Sports)

Tyron Woodley finds himself in a very advantageous position after beating the blonde off Josh Koscheck at UFC 167. The Strikeforce crossover is pitted against former interim boss Carlos Condit at UFC 171, in a night of fights that will altar the future of the Welterweight division.

The age old debate of TRT in combat sports rages on, with Georges St-Pierre allegedly bowing out of his title responsibilities because of the UFC’s poor testing standards. Woodley has spoken out about GSP, and now turns his attention to PED’s in a recent interview with MMAFighting.com:

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“I’ve fought guys that I am almost 100 percent can bet my house on that they were on performance-enhancing drugs. Some I’ve lost, and some I’ve won. At the end of the day, I just really believe that you still have to beat the person.”

Woodley has only lost two fights as a pro; so he is either accusing Jake Shields or Nate Marquardt of using PEDs. His win column is too wide to speculate, and both Shields and Marquardt have been popped for banned substances in the past. T-Wood continued:

“I know it’s happening. We know it’s happening. I personally believe – I’m stubborn, I’m old school, and when it’s my time to hang it up, I’m going to hang it up. When my body and my joints are telling me it’s over with, and these young bucks come up and start laying a whooping on me, then it’s over with. I take pride in knowing that I’m doing it the right way.”

It’s good to see that someone is still rocking the old school approach, although the ‘who smelt it, dealt it’ rule has come in to play in the past (*cough* Vitor Belfort). The sport is constantly plagued by failed drugs tests, and at the very top level this is not good for publicity.

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Also, companies and promotions need to have clean-cut champions to retain their legitimacy. Being able to sell your marquee fighter is essential for business, and long gone are the days that I’m entertained by seeing two roided up gorillas beat the living heck out of each other.

Woodley faces ‘The Natural Born Killer’ at 170, and I doubt that PEDs will be in play for this scrap. Condit is known for his incredible endurance, as opposed to his horse meat pectorals, and I think that both men will have their hands full. Woodley with Condit’s nasty muay thai and precision, and CC will have to deal with Woodley’s big KO power.