Tyron Woodley was upset with Johny Hendricks for pulling out of their scheduled fight at UFC 192 to the say the least. It did not help that Woodley would only be receiving his show money and not his fight money. Also, did we mention that Woodley hasn’t fought since earlier in the year, so a fat paycheck would be nice too.

Woodley revealed following UFC 192 that he found out after the world did. According to Woodley, the internet, fans, and media members knew before he did.

“I got the news as I was laying on the floor in the locker room stretching out when I completed my weight cut,” Woodley said. “I was down to weight, and we got the news. I got the news after you guys (the media) got the news, which was kind of crappy. It was on the Internet already. I don’t know what time you guys got it, but I got at like 11 (a.m.)-something, closer to noon.”

Tyron Woodley (15-3) is currently on a two-fight winning streak. In his last five bouts, he’s 4-1.

After taking some time to control his emotions and regroup, Woodley now has a positive mind going out of this event and hopes that speaking with Dana White will help him with this situation.

“To not be in the hunt for any of the bonuses and knock off this guy who was the No. 1 guy, that’s kind of a bittersweet moment,” Woodley said. “I’m trying to be positive and think that everything happened for a reason. Hopefully, when I talk to (UFC President Dana White) later on today, we have a clear path.”