Tyron Woodley Thinks Khabib & GSP Wouldn’t Stand Chance Against Ben Askren

Askren Woodley

Tyron Woodley thinks so highly of Ben Askren that he thinks he could beat two top names. Those stars are former two-division champ Georges St-Pierre and UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov. This is of course if he signs with the UFC, which is looking likely to happen.

The trade between ONE and the UFC would allow the former Bellator MMA and ONE welterweight champion to be freed from his contract with ONE. In exchange, former flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson would be allowed to sign with ONE. Both sides see this as a win.

Regarding the UFC welterweight champion, he spoke with fans on Instagram where he sent a warning to Khabib and GSP. According to Woodley, he thinks Khabib has never fought someone like Askren.

“Khabib is a ‘G’ but Khabib ain’t never fought nobody like Ben,” Woodley said (H/T to Bloody Elbow). “He never fought anybody like Ben, he ain’t never fought nobody like Michael Chandler.”

Woodley continued by stating that fighters like Askren and Chandler would wreck life on the UFC champ.

“Those guys would wreck him on life. Chandler’s intensity is more, his striking is better. Ben doesn’t have the same intensity but his style is not one of intensity.”

Woodley’s Continued Praise

He is very high on Askren for obvious reasons and pointed out his constant pressure when wrestling with his opponents.

“His style is one of scrambling, one of static strength, one of consistency, pressure, and ground and pound is ridiculous, jiu-jitsu is ridiculous, wrestling is ridiculous.”

Woodley also praised his ability to put himself in positions to be successful like no other fighters he’s seen.

“His ability to get in close and put himself into positions where he’s going to be successful is bar none some of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Woodley, who trains with Askren with Duke Roufus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, also spoke about a fight with GSP.

“GSP would never stand a chance against Ben,” Woodley said. “Ben thrives against guys’ offensive onslaughts and GSP’s whole thing was always timing.”

The UFC champion stated that Askren’s grappling skills are just on another level compared to other fighters.

“If you ever see some video a long time ago, Ben Askren grappling against Jake Shields and I’m going to tell you this one thing — the highlights of the video were not on that video. Ben is just on a different level.”